June Liaison Cycle - Round 2

Date: 7/2/2013 at 1:09
From: Oleis
To : Everyone
Subj: June Liaison Cycle - Round 2

Howdy ho, vamps and tramps! Round 2 of the June Liaison cycle is here
for your entertainment. This batch contains the majority of the tweaks
and improvements from the June cycle. The reports left for round 3
include the tougher general reports which require the most balancing and
code changes, including the Teradrim reports and some HUGE(!) changes to

First, a couple changes not directly taken from Liaison reports:
- The chance to prone yourself due to Stupidity has been dramatically

Now for the juicy goodness!

- The aeon-style effect of the retardation vibe now gives a different
secondary message: "A movement-retarding vibe slows your actions." It is
important to note that the standard Aeon message takes precedence over
this one, to ensure that you are aware of being afflicted with Aeon in a
room affected by Retardation. [1319]
- Fitness will now have a 'penalty' balance associated with multiple
uses in the span of 90 seconds. Each use extends the next use's balance
time by a quarter-second and refreshes the 90 second cooldown. You will
be notified of the added balance and the end of the cooldown. [1293]
- Additionally, Fitness will now consume 1.5s of equilibrium in addition
to any balance cost. [1341]
- Berserking is now guaranteed to strip shield and rebounding on its
ticks. We will monitor the tick rate closely. I have raised the curing
priority of berserking slightly. [1301]
- Loneliness should now properly prevent all active movement commands
(except tumble) when there is no one in the target room. [1356]
- Previously, in order to apprentice someone in a class, it was
necessary for one to be active in a class and a member of a guild which
claims that class as its primary. Those restrictions have been lifted.
now callable singularly by name under the typical restrictions with a
short equilibrium cost. [1375]

- I've tweaked the damage and bleeding formulas for Rupture. Ruptures on
a Level 2 bruise will do equivalent or slightly lower damage as compared
to now, but Level 3 bruises will see an increase in damage and bleeding.
I also lowered the neutral balance by half a second. [1354]

- Changes to the way Retardation affects a few channeled skills: [1332]
+ Shatter windup time increased by 2 seconds.
+ Each tick of Stonebrand, Shadowbrand, Mistbrand, Emberbrand and
Windbrand and Spiritbrand will take 1 second longer.
+ Each tick of Behead, Cleave and Brainsmash will take half a second

- A cube sigil in the room will now prevent Lightform, Blackwind, Phase
and Mistform. [1343]
- You may now enchant artifacts of the appropriate item type(s). [1346]

- Bloodshield now fires on active damage with a 10% proc rate rather
than 33%. [1362]
- Bloodborn Novice Aides, Secretaries and the Guildmaster are now able
to PERFORM REBIRTH <person>. This has the same effect as the Blood
Rebirth ritual (and also requires the shard). [1468]
- The bleeding bonus for painted scythes has been removed and the
general, unpainted bonus halved. Hilariously enough, artifact scythes
didn't benefit from this bonus at all previously. That has been
rectified. [1385]
- Bloodborn will be required to wield a scythe to make use of the Mentis
modifier rituals. [1386]

- I've dramatically improved the frequency of Overgrowth checks when
Greenfoot is active. [1212]
- GROVE FLOW has been split into its own skill (Naturalism GroveFlow),
tentatively placed at Skilled 15%. [1294]

- Strangle's writhe time will now be increased by the presence of Thorns
in the target. I've also tweaked the base formula slightly for
Strangle's writhe to reduce the (highly) random nature of it. [1363]

- Unity Aura will now cure a random affliction from both parties on a 15
second timer for the duration of the Unity effect. Additionally, the
cooldown has been reworked to provide a message at its conclusion.

- Ghast health has been more than doubled and Ghasts are now immune to
bashing artifacts. [1278]
- Blood Beckon now has conditions for a successful summoning: [1336]
+ Neither caster nor target may have been aggressive recently.
+ There must not be a monolith (or monolith-like effect) on either side
of the summoning.
+ If the caster and target are members of the same city and are both
within their city's limits, these restrictions are nullified.

- Omen will now indicate to the giver how many stacks it had when it
fires its damage and stun. (falls lightly/settles heavily/falls
forcefully/drops devastatingly). This should allow the Shaman to infer
damage numbers and stun duration to better tailor their offense. [1211]
- The oaths of Elder Shaman and Rhythm now have room messages to
indicate which affliction was lifted from the Shaman (including Combat
Messages). [1288]

- You may now SMITE <target> SECRET to avoid revealing your chosen God
in the message. [1339]

- The math behind Shadowing success was pretty bizarre so I just kinda
rewrote it. If the shadower is phased and the target isn't, the shadower
is safe from detection. Otherwise, at Trans Subterfuge for the shadower
and Trans Vision for the target, there is a 15% chance of detection.
This is dramatically improved from the ~40% chance previously. However,
it is now impossible to shadow someone into their Haven, a change
unrelated to the Liaison report. [1352]

- Lust now includes a modified message to indicate that the card was
thrown through the Indorani's doppleganger. Also converted that message
to be a Combat Message. [1328]
- Fool is no longer an aggressive action if self-cast. Additionally, I
shortened the self-use cooldown by five seconds. The targeted Fool
cooldown remains unchanged. [1374]

- The prone from Guard has been removed and the stun reduced from 2
seconds raw to 1 second raw. Additionally, a successful Guard will strip
all parries from the attacker. [1186]
- Any attempt to stand will instead make you KIPUP, if you have the
skill and were previously in a stance. If this causes problems, we'll
look at making it configurable. [1263]
- I have shortened the balance time of Cometkick and increased the
duration of its effect. [1264]
- There is now a three second per-target cooldown on the Backbreaker
attack. Unsuccessful attempts will not consume balance. [1340]
- Stances are now persistent through movement and endurance costs have
been removed from the stancing commands. Please BUG or message me with
any unintended consequences of these changes. [1371]

- Instead of giving the previous pre-set trio of epilepsy, stupidity,
and dizziness, MIND BATTER is now a freeform command for giving three of
the following afflictions: "hallucinations", "paralysis", "confusion",
"recklessness", "epilepsy", "stupidity", "indifference", "dizziness".
+ New syntax: MIND BATTER <target> [aff] [aff] [aff]

- Moved tunnelvision to "Inept" Vision. [1366]

Of course, please be sure to BUG any oddities you discover. Round 3 will
take a while to appear due to the breadth and scope of the changes, but
it'll be here before you know it. Thanks, Aetolia!


Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Lanosian, in the year 394 MA.