June Liaison Changes, part 1

Date: 6/24/2013 at 19:41
From: Oleis
To : Everyone
Subj: June Liaison Changes, part 1

Our first batch of Liaison changes is ready to go! Please be sure to
report any bugs you might experience.

- All emote responses have been removed from the pool of potential
Stupidity actions. There is now a small chance to simply prone yourself
with a room message (and a Combat Message). All other circumstances
under which a Stupid person would usually emote will now consist of a
simple first-person failure message. Non-emote responses (moving,
sipping, etc) remain unchanged. [1315]

- Confusion will now impose a 50% equilibrium penalty, down from 100%.

- Flare was in kind of a strange place. While active on a target, it
would force that target to appear visible in the room while phased and
shrouded. Interesting, and thematically neat, but not incredibly useful.

Flare is now a mechanic for the prevention of plane-shifting and hiding
skills such as phase, mistform, lightform, hide, stalking, cloak, shroud
and blackwind. The duration of the effect remains unchanged, but the
immunity period afterward has been lengthened. [1311]

- Resonance is now a timed affliction rather than one cured by regular
curatives. The Resonance effect will last 30 seconds, after which the
target is immune for 60 further seconds. During the Resonance period,
the giver may DIAGNOSE and WOUNDS the target without the use of balance
using the RESONANCE command. [1312]

- Added a bunch of communication commands to Wolf Form's whitelist. Let
me know if I missed anything. Hopefully also significantly sped up the
checking process. [1284]

that stat. There is no longer a fading timer associated with this boon,
but the Devotion cost has been slightly increaed to compensate. While
only one stat may be boosted at any time, it's possible to switch at
will. [1280]

- New skill: Dampening. Actively destroys a random vibration in the
room. There is a small Devotion bonus associated with a successful

- Astralblur will no longer scramble mana. [1270]

- Wisp anxiety afflictions will no longer be hidden and will be
displayed to the room upon application. The anxiety cured upon
affliction in the round-robin fashion will remain hidden to all but the
target, to prevent flawless tracking. [1272]

- Moved INVOKE down in the skillset.

- New Transcendent skill: Mindburrow. Does mana damage to the target
based on the number of active Mentis afflictions, to a cap of 40% of max
mana. Stuns for 2 seconds and employs a 90 second cooldown. [1275]

- Flare will no longer require the target to be ablaze, reverting an
earlier liaison change. There is now a 15 second cooldown between uses
of Flare. [1290]

- You may no longer Direcall within cities. [1251]

- Mana loss for aura maintenance removed. [1292]
- PROTECT no longer requires a channel when the target is out-of-room.

- SHIELD CRASH now takes 3 seconds of neutral balance, down from 4. It
is also subject to the standard six-second disruption cooldown. [1282]

- Wearing a purity necklace or amulet of cleansing will prevent Angel
Care from ticking. [1300]

- You may now CLOSE MAP to counteract Tarot Universe. Requires balance
and equilibrium and counts as an aggressive action, unlike making use of
the map. [1222]

- It is now possible to 'pause' the effects of Devil Tarot for a brief
equilibrium cost. Pausing Devil will allow you to FLICK a bonedagger
after the use of a tarot card that would otherwise proc Devil. AB TAROT
DEVIL for details. While the flick, by nature, does not require balance
in this combo, it will consume equilibrium instead of balance at a
slightly longer cost. [1274]

Penned by my hand on the 4th of Severin, in the year 394 MA.