Auction #3 wares

Date: 5/27/2013 at 15:40
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Auction #3 wares

The last of our three artifact auctions has begun! Read over HELP
AUCTIONS if you are unfamiliar with the auction process Aetolia uses.

As usual, any artifacts bought through auction (including the gold
items) cannot be traded in, nor can their power be transferred to any
other item. If you purchase an item for credits, you will have roughly a
week to procure the credits for it, or your character will be shrubbed
until such a time you can provide the credits.

The items are as follows:


Supreme Celestine bracers of devastation
These bracers contain level 4 of the critical_chance artifact,
conferring an 8% increase.

Sphere of Reflection
Powered by ylem shards, this sphere will grant the user's target
temporary immunity to arrows. Not only will the target be immune to the
arrows, but the arrows themselves will be reflected back to the person
who fired them. One shard is enough to grant the target 45 seconds of
arrow protection.

A staff of portents
When raised towards the heavens, this staff will call down a meteor upon
everybody in the area who is outdoors, excluding the caster. Cannot be
used indoors, and can only be used once every 10 seconds.

Wyvern's claws
Grants access to the old Metamorphosis HOIST ability with a few notable
changes: It will bypass mass, and any sort of magical teleportation you
undertake will cause the victim to be dropped before you move.

A ward of the Ankryi
When used, will store MOST of the defences you currently have. You can
then recall your stored defences as many times as you like, but only
once every 15 minutes.


A glimmering paintbrush
Allows one to scribe a floating message in a room, which will show up in
the room's description, upon movement/ql/look. You can create up to
three of them per howling, but only one per room. The messages will
linger in the room until the howling, after which they will disappear.
You can specify a colour for the words to appear in by preceding the
message with a number corresponding to that colour as per CONFIG COLOR.

Usage: PAINT WORDS 13 Aetolia rocks

Example output:
North of Trees. (road)
It is raining heavily, pregnant drops of water pouring down onto you.
Hanging in the air are the following words, "Aetolia rocks." You see
exits leading north, southeast, south, and southwest.

A Bangle of Returning
The Bangle of Returning will allow you to mark a room and return to it
at will from anywhere on the same continent. The movement is not
instantaneous and is subject to recent-aggression checks that prevent it
from being used after recent combat.

A ring of elemental mastery
A ring that contains all the elemental resistance enchantments upon it,
as well as the icewall, firewall and firelash enchantments. These
enchantments will never fade.

The Resolute Hammer
This hammer replicates the effect of a mushroom sigil, but will never
run out of charges. Any item that could normally be destroyed by the use
of a mushroom sigil can be destroyed with the Resolute Hammer.

An Eelskin Cloak
Wearing this cloak can be truly electrifying! When worn about your
person, any attacks that fall upon your magical shield (as generated by
a shield tattoo) will result in the attacker getting shocked with
electrical damage equal to 2% of their maximum health.


A House Deed
This deed entitles the owner to a house of their own in any location,
with 10 total rooms. The house may be added to as normal thereafter.

A Juggernaut's Belt
Worth: 2725cr
This artifact contains the following properties: strength(1),
dexterity(1), intelligence(1), constitution(1), enhancement(1).

A Celestine flowing ring of clarity
Worth: 2000cr
Will increase the amount of mana that is restored by a mana elixit or
stimulant serum by 30%.

Claws of the Wolverine
Worth: 500cr
Gives you the ability to burrow into the ground.

Interdimensional Planar Wedge
Worth: 1000cr
Quadruples the size of your cache.

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Slyphian, in the year 391 MA.