Shops, Commodities and Misc

Date: 5/25/2013 at 18:33
From: Detective Tok Holmes
To : Everyone
Subj: Shops, Commodities and Misc

Just a few changes, the big stuff is up front.

* Your stockroom's 'non-decay' effect will now be extended to items
inside containers, but to counter-measure the near infinite supply of
non-decay available, we've made items inside containers count towards
the shop size limit. For example, a pack with an item in it would count
as two items, and a pack with five will count as six, and so on.

* In addition to these things, we've added the option to transform your
ordinary shop shelves into crafting shelves! What does this mean? Well,
alongside items that have already been made, you can offer items that
are -yet- to be made. These items will be crafted on purchase, if your
shop holds the necessary commodities on the floor or in its cache.

* We've added numerous items to the comms list, including a lot of gems
and other cooking ingredients. Please do not ask for more to be covered
that haven't, as it's highly likely they were skipped over for good

* We've removed the inability for Syssin (and owners of the Illusion
Staff artifact) to cast illusions while prone and increased the max
length of these illusions to triple their original length.

* The Gem of Disguise effect will no longer drop when you leave the
realms or die.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Lanosian, in the year 391 MA.