Auction #2 wares

Date: 5/14/2013 at 13:58
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Auction #2 wares

The second of the three artifact auctions has begun! Read over HELP
AUCTIONS if you are unfamiliar with the auction process Aetolia uses.

As usual, any artifacts bought through auction (including the gold
items) cannot be traded in, nor can their power be transferred to any
other item. If you purchase an item for credits, you will have roughly a
week to procure the credits for it, or your character will be shrubbed
until such a time you can provide the credits.

The items are as follows:


An emblem of martyrdom
Can be activated once per howling. When you next die, all allies in the
same area as you will be fully healed and cured of all afflictions. They
will also be invulnerable to damage for five seconds. Works only for the

Weighted shoes
These shoes will allow you a moderate chance to remain standing after an
opponent attempts to knock you over. Broken limbs will negate this

Idol of the Berserker
When used, the idol prevents everyone in the room (including yourself)
from shielding or using prismatic barriers for two minutes. Can be used
once an hour.

A gem of destabilization
When activated, acts as a portable monolith sigil for whichever room the
holder is in.

A box of chocolates
Allows the owner to pull one random chocolate (the buff giving ones)
from it once per howling.


The Elindes Talisman
This talisman has 6 petals upon it which may be plucked at any time, and
each petal, when consumed, will restore the health, mana, blood,
endurance, and willpower of the owner. If consumed by anyone else, the
petals will restore only the endurance and willpower of that person. The
petals regrow at a rate of one per month.

A Torc of Vitality
The Torc of Vitality grants the use of the Vitality ability. This
artifact can only be used by its owner.

A Ring of Translocation
This ring may be used to create a translocation portal across a given
exit. When an individual crosses into or out of a room through that
exit, they will be randomly transported to a different location within
the same general area.

This power can only be used once per hour, and cannot be used in
unstable environments. The portal remains in effect for a period of five

An Orb of Nullification
This orb will prevent any actions against you which attempt to directly
force you to perform unintended acts.

A Funereal Masque
The wearer of this masque will have their name hidden on deathsight when
they slay another.


A pair of wings of the Atavians
Credit worth: 2000cr
Lets you fly to above the clouds, a location from which you can reach
many of the major features of the continent, and also reach the clouds.
Can be swapped for an amulet of the underrealms.

A lupine darkbow of the Hunt
Credit worth: 1600cr
Also contains the aiming power. Level 3 version of the artifact bows.

A gem of adaptation
Credit worth: 1500cr
Contains both the adaptation and polymath powers, allowing you to change
your class once an hour, and also letting you change your statpack when
you do so!

A Pet Token
Credit worth: 900cr
This token entitles the owner to the 900cr pet package outlined in HELP

A venom rag
Coin worth: 750ic
This rag will allow the owner to envenom his or her weapons without
requiring any vials of venom.

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Niuran, in the year 390 MA.