Brewing, Liquids and Crafting!

Date: 5/3/2013 at 16:37
From: Tok
To : Everyone
Subj: Brewing, Liquids and Crafting!

Hey guys, me again, scraping in before the weekend. Phew. Granted, I did
cut out a few of my ideas (for those who saw the forum post) and added
in a couple of new ones. So below is a compilation of changes that ended
up making the cut. You may notice a few bugs over the coming days, but
prompt BUGGING and more than a couple of cups of coffee (on my end) will
sort anything out in no time!

* Brewers will now find all their formulas moved over to the standard
design system that all other crafters use. In the process these formulas
were unsubmitted, giving brewers the chance to update their designs to
meet new specifications. Of these, brewers will need to want to add an
extended description and update the flavor/aftertaste of their designs.

* You'll find these designs under DESIGN LIST BREWING, and take a look
at the updated HELP BREWING for a better understanding of how the new
system operates.

* The MIX <amount> <fluid> and ADD commands for brewing have been
replaced with BREW <amount> <design>. With this one command, an empty
pot, and the appropriate ingredients, you can now brew whatever you like
to your heart's content!

* Speaking of, you can now LOOK AT <liquid/item> in <container>. Until
the old brews have been edited and resubmitted, these liquids will all
appear rather bland.

* You can now emote with any of the various drink commands. Like the
other verbmotes, this is achieved with someting like DRINK <item/fluid>
[chugs down $item with great gusto.]

* You can no longer describe designs in ways that exceed the character

* You can now add or remove tags to designs with DESIGN <#> TAG
<attribute>. Use DESIGN LIST to search through these, and DESIGN COMMS
<tag> to get a short summary of the comms required to make one of every

* We've extended the 'masterwork' arti to work with brewing, and a
'brewing boon' artifact will be coming within the next couple of days!
Venantium ladles, ahoy.

All liquid containers will now have a maximum sip limit, as dictated by
the type of item. Use PROBE to see this.

* You can now POUR an amount, such as POUR 3 MEAD INTO FLAGON, rather
than the entirety of the liquid. You can also REFILL and FILL non-vial
containers from casks, but know that there are limits in place to
prevent combat disadvantages. For one, any 'endless' item cannot
transfer its liquid. And any liquid designed for vials, such as elixirs
or serums, can only be transferred between vials.

* A reshuffling of POUR / EMPTY / FILL and REFILL occurred in my efforts
to get liquids straightened out, and to make sure no 'endless potion'
loops were created by the odd ways in which casks operate. For anything
non-curative related, use POUR and EMPTY. For interacting with casks,
REFILL / FILL. For everything else, a combination of all of the above.
And sadly, being able to refill non-curative drinks from a casks didn't
end up making the cut. Sorry!

* As if sensing my disappointment at having to delay the release of a
vial management artifact, Sethrin, the ore merchant outside Delos
decided to start selling dye kits! With these kits you may use the
command DYEKIT to color various designs, assuming they have either
$(dye$), $(dye1$) or $(dye2$) in any of their descriptions. A list of
colors that the dyekit contains can be viewed with the DYEKIT COLORS

* We've also added teapot, pitcher and shaker designs to jewelcraft.
These designs are purchasable in the respective annex in the crafting
cornor of your city, or publicly available in Delos. (Visit Sethrin on
the way!)

As always, feedback and prompt reporting of issues please!

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Haernos, in the year 389 MA.