Clothing and more!

Date: 5/1/2013 at 0:37
From: Tok
To : Everyone
Subj: Clothing and more!

OK! Quite a few changes, most of them relevant to attire and clothing,
but I've hidden a few treats throughout so you -have- to read this:

* Clothing has been moved to a multi-location system, meaning that each
item could theoretically be worn in several different places (not at the
same time). Quite a few items can do this, and a lot also cannot. We've
tried to catch all of them but it turned out to be quite a tiresome
process and a few may have slipped through the cracks. We'll be notified
when an item is used and doesn't have -any- location to be worn on, but
if you think an item should be worn in a location it currently cannot,
send us a bug and we'll take a look.

* Following this, you can now SHIFT <item> TO <location> to move an item
that is being worn to another wear location. This occurs 'silent,' so
the room won't be notified of your fidgeting. Hurrah!

* Additionally, P(ROBE) an item to see where it can or cannot be worn.
Some of these locations may sound silly, such as 'fullbody,' but it's
the easiest way to communicate what you're wearing and where it's being
worn. Additionally, INV WORN will list any custom attire description
next to the item, which might be a more helpful way of seeing how you're
wearing your clothing, rather than using LOOK.

* Now that items can be worn in multiple locations, the Wear and Remove
descriptions that crafters can set are in risk of making little sense.
To help fix this, we've given crafters the option to set the
'WearLocation' of an item; please note that this only sets the -default-
location, which is the location that will use the Wear and Remove
strings. Also, forgers can now join their tailoring brethren in
designing items with a unique Attire description.

* Speaking of forgers, you guys now have a new skill called 'Helms'
which will allow you to make...helms! Or helmets.

* For those of you who have been having trouble with their artifacts,
celebrate! We've now removed the concealment artifact (offering full
refunds), allowing you to conceal artifacts to your heart's content. On
top of this, artifacts no longer count towards, or are hindered by, the
wear limit associated with other clothing.

* Tailors can now give -certain- items pockets, either one or two
depending on the item. As might seem logical, each pocket can hold only
one item.

* For those system builders out there, GMCP contains an attribute for
items that are being worn called 'wearslot,' which will contain the
attire string for that particular item.

* A minor (non-clothing) related change: you can now color the way items
appear in items, independent of how they appear in the room. CONFIG
COLOR EMOTEITEM will do this for you!

* And one exciting change that I probably shouldn't have saved to last
because you're all done reading, but whatever, suffer: custom poses. You
can now set a custom pose using the POSE command, so long as it is less
than 120 characters, is only a sentence long and includes the caret (^)
symbol to indicate your character's name. POSE with no arguments will
show your current pose, and POSE NONE will clear it.

Once again, thank you all for the wonderful feedback!

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Lanosian, in the year 389 MA.