Clothing and Emotes!

Date: 4/28/2013 at 0:51
From: Tok
To : Everyone
Subj: Clothing and Emotes!

Hello! We've got some changes to announce in regards to the way clothing
now works, along with a few other minor changes to emotes. Some of this
will be obfuscated, entirely backend material--but the bottom line is
that clothing now works better. So here you go:

Clothing has been reworked into a modular system. Expect new slots to be
more forthcoming when required, and the old slots to be reworked into
something more logical. At first, the new slots will mimic the old ones
in a 1:1, but don't expect this to be the case forever!

Additionally, an entire new ATTIRE system has been added to provide your
character's outfit with...well...a little more character! See HELP
ATTIRE for further details. In short, you can now hide items being worn
from being seen (if you don't want them to be seen) or add a bit of
flair. If you LOOK ME now, you'll see how it looks by default.

You can now SIT AT <table> as a short-hand for sitting on the first
available chair/seat at the table in question.

WEAR/REMOVE have had 'emotes' added to them, such that you can now emote
in the same line as wearing or removing an item. The system has been
reworked to be less buggy, and consistent across all verbs that access
it, such as GIVE/DROP/PUT/etc. You can find more information in HELP

Speaking of emotes, using @item in an emote will now do something a
little special! Not only will it find the item and produce the
short_desc, it will also colour it, showing up to each respective
witness as their designated config color for 'Things.' Along with this,
we've added article/plural detection, such that the emote 'licks his
@hat' would produce 'Haern licks His foppish hat' rather than 'Haern
licks His a foppish hat.'

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Khepary, in the year 389 MA.