Class changes

Date: 4/1/2013 at 1:52
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Class changes

I want to unveil to everyone a major change we have in the works for
Aetolia. For each of the non-neutral classes in the game, we will be
releasing retextured copies of them on the opposite side of the game.

There are several reasons for this change, but two in particular stand

(a) To equalize the playing field between each side of the game. Each
side previously had their own unique skills and mechanics, which
unfortunately led to a disparity in group combat situations.

(b) To reduce player-perceived administrative bias whenever we make
changes to a class. Any classes that receive balance changes will also
have the changes mirrored in their opposing class. This should move us
away from a specific side of the game feeling targeted in some fashion
whenever we make changes to a class.

It is important to note that while each mirrored class will perform
mechanically identical in combat, we will be making minor changes to
them in order to keep the individual classes fresh.

So here is a list of each class, and what they will be mirrored to:

------- -----
Ascendril Sciomancers (mage revamps will make them copies)
Shaman Defiler
Luminary Fallen
Templar Revenants
Sentinel Warlock
Zealot Sycophant

Bloodborn Alchemist
Cabalist Bard
Indorani Prophets
Carnifex Dragoon
Sciomancer Ascendril
Teradrim Pyromancer
Praenomen Slayer

If you check the forums at
you will find a preview post for the first two classes we'll be rolling
out: Alchemists and Fallen.

And lastly, I want to leave everyone with a brief summary of each of the
new classes so you can know what to expect from them when they get

Copy class: Shaman
* Torment (Primality)
* Corruption (Shamanism)
* Defilement (Naturalism)

Defilers are so named for their pervsion of the natural environment
around them, twisting it to their own ends and leaving naught but
ruination behind. Wielding large, twisted scepters pulled from the heart
of the Dark Spire, a Defiler channels unholy magic into their victim's
body and mind. Through the skill of Corruption, they can infuse
gemstones with dark energy and embed them into their scepters for
passive effects. The spirits of the wild also fall before the Defiler's
corruption, becoming twisted creatures of malice.

Copy class: Luminary
* Worship (Devotion)
* Blasphemy (Spirituality)
* Taint (Illumination)

When the Priests disbanded, many of them moved on to follow the Light to
become Luminaries. Those that didn't found themselves tempted by forces
of corruption and chaos, choosing to enslave their angels to their
powers and turning them into the dreaded nachash. Wielding eveningstars
and shields emblazoned with divine symbols, the Fallen worship the
darker Gods, drawing upon their powers to fuel their conquest.

Copy class: Templar
* Brutality (Battlefury)
* Bladefrost (Bladefire)
* Depravity (Righteousness)

Amongst the lowest levels of the Abyss of the Damned in the Underhalls
are a band of wraith-like knights from eons past. The Revenants were
warriors of unsurpassed cruelty and battle prowess that delighted in the
torment of their victims. As their depravity grew beyond measure, the
Underking personally took it upon Himself to banish these knights to His
realm in a rare occassion of intervention.

Copy class: Sentinel
* Warglaives (Dhurive)
* Summoning (Woodlore)
* Poisons (Toxicology)

Long ago upon the Nazedha isles, a group of slaves led a revolt against
their tyrannical masters. Stealing the secrets of demon summoning from
the Nazedha, the slaves fled to a remote island where they remain hidden
away to this day. Adopting the name of Warlocks, these freed slaves
continue to attack their former masters with refined guerilla tactics.

Copy class: Zealot
* Ukame (Tekura)
* Telepathy (Telepathy)
* Taint (Illumination)

In the year of 275 MA, a group of dark monks known as the Ausculte
skirmished with the Daru over the mythical Khaimara. The Ausculte were
dispatched, leaving Sister Thea as the only survivor. With a deep hatred
consuming her, she sought refuge amongst fallen priests, and eventually
formed her own group of monks - fanatics with vengeful eyes set upon the
Daru and the Beacon of Light.

Copy class: Bloodborn
* Mutation (Corpus)
* Potions (Mentis)
* Alchemy (Hematurgy)

Seeking to revive the University of Enorian after the Dreikathi
destroyed it, a group of scholars and scientists fervently studied the
learned arts. After years of dabbling in leyline research, one scientist
made a breakthrough. He discovered transmutation circles aligned with
leylines and suffused with mana could bring about successful alchemical
changes. Mastering this research and combining it with his knowledge on
Chemistry and Biology, the scientist formed the Alchemists.

Copy class: Cabalist
* Instruments (Necromancy)
* Poetry (Numerology)
* Harmonics (Domination)

The power of the Bards originate from ancient texts of the Mystics
salvaged from the ruins of Ashtan. These texts covered dissertations and
treatises on the theory of music and the correlation of sounds to
leylines. Bards use music to attune themselves to the power of the
leylines, allowing them to summon forth harmonic ylem crystals.

Copy class: Indorani
* Divination (Necromancy)
* Cartomancy (Tarot)
* Shepherding (Domination)

As Lleis sacrificed Herself for the rebirth of Dendara, Her essence
spread across all of Dendara and merged with the plane. With the surge
of power rippling through the realm, the Dendaric raven spirit, Srahda,
found herself gifted with boosted powers of foresight and prophecy.
Gathering many followers and worshippers under her wing, the Seer formed
the sect of the Prophets with the purpose of foreseeing any future
plight that would upset the balance of the Cycle. With their powers of
the divination, the Prophets find many believers flocking to them,
willing to lay down their life in combat for the seers.

Copy class: Carnifex
* Sojutsu (Savagery)
* Dragonlore (Deathlore)
* Taming (Warhounds)

Before its destruction at the hands of the Dreikathi, the Albedos city
of Basrai once utilized a highly elite battalion of wyvern-mounted heavy
cavalry. Today, their wayward descendants still practice the art of the
Dragoon. Roaming the Vakimal Wasteland, they wield long forked spears,
and compete amongst themselves with the sport of taming wyverns and
other lesser dragon kin. The most powerful of the Dragoons are able to
call upon the ancient power of the dead dragons and utilize their arcane

Copy class: Teradrim
* Pyromancy (Terramancy)
* Scorching (Dessication)
* Djinn (Animation)

Originally exiled by their allies out of fear, the Pyromancers rose up
in the last mortal epoch as an extremist sect within the Illuminai
temple upon which Shallam was founded. During the turn of the epoch, the
Grand Artifice hid them away for several centuries. Only recently has
their presence been felt once more deep below Enorian, once again making
the Illuminai temple their home.

Copy class: Praenomen
* Marksmanship (Corpus)
* Scripture (Mentis)
* Familiars (Sanguis)

Led by the Duamvi host, the pistol wielding Slayers dedicate their lives
to eradicating the lineage of Abhorash. By invoking holy scripture, a
Slayer is able to weaken the minds of those around him, crumbling them
completely should they falter enough. Fae creatures from the spiritual
plane where the Duamvi reside will respond to the Slayer's call,
becoming a fierce companion in the fight against the vampiric horde.

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Arios, in the year 387 MA.