Great Hunt!

Date: 10/25/2012 at 19:00
From: Galleus, the Voidseer
To : Everyone
Subj: Great Hunt!

This is a reminder that the Great Hunt begins tomorrow at the Howling
and will run throughout the weekend until the Howling on Sunday. Prizes
for participation and rewards for the winners of each tier are the same
as in previous Great Hunts, and are as follows:

100 Points: 5 Bound Credits
1000 Points: 10 Bound Credits
2500 Points: 15 Bound Credits

For each tier:

1st Place: 500 Bound Credits
2nd Place: 450 Bound Credits
3rd Place: 400 Bound Credits
4th Place: 350 Bound Credits
5th Place: 300 Bound Credits
6th Place: 250 Bound Credits
7th Place: 200 Bound Credits
8th Place: 150 Bound Credits
9th Place: 100 Bound Credits
10th Place: 50 Bound Credits

More information in Great Hunts in general can be found in HELP GREAT
HUNT. Keep your eyes on the Announce board tomorrow for a final update
on the special theme and conditions of the Great Hunt as well!

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Niuran, in the year 374 MA.