October - Giftbags, Halloween, Great Hunt!

Date: 9/30/2012 at 23:55
From: Galleus, the Voidseer
To : Everyone
Subj: October - Giftbags, Halloween, Great Hunt!

Aetolia's favorite month is upon us at last, and this year's October is
looking to be a thriller.

Throughout the month, all credit purchases (from our website at
http://www.aetolia.com/credits) will reward the purchaser with a special
giftbag, and an additional giftbag for every 100 Credits purchased
beyond the first 100. These giftbags contain a wide variety of prizes,
including the following:

Bull's Eye
Silver Chalice with Elixir of Knowledge
Iron Coins
Artifact Vials
Artifact Pipes & Syringes
Crystals of Rebirth
Ring of Vigour
Wand of Reflection
Gem of Cloaking
Boots of the Spider
Eagle's Wings
Girdle of the Titans

In addition, there is one special prize available at any given time
during the month. Only one of this item is available, and once it has
been won, a new item will be made available as a special reward, but the
previous will no longer be available in giftbags! The first special
giftbag prize is...a portable market stall! This stall can be set up in
any village, urban, road, or path environment room, and items can be
sold from it just as from a normal shop.

During the last month of October, Aetolia will be celebrating the
Halloween season in its own special way. Stay tuned for details on the
events to come!

Finally, during the Halloween festivities, Aetolia will be holding a
special Great Hunt event, themed for the season and with special prizes
in addition to credit rewards for all participants. Once again, details
on the Great Hunt will follow as the event gets closer!

One last bit of news: This month's Artisanal and Bardic contests have a
special them! Artisanal entries must conform to the theme of "Aetolian
Beastiary" - Beasts unique to the world of Aetolia (or at least rare
elsewhere) must constitute the primary theme of the work. Bardic entries
should conform to the theme "Ghosts of the Past" - Be creative with this

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Niuran, in the year 372 MA.