Templar tweaks & Other - part 1

Date: 11/22/2011 at 23:15
From: Dhar, the Underking
To : Everyone
Subj: Templar tweaks & Other - part 1

- Removed Righteousblow.
- Strike has been lowered in the skillset and generally reworked.
- Doublestrike now only works with swords and maces.
- Doubleswing now only works with warhammers and bastard swords.
- Maingauche now works with shortswords instead of daggers.
- Zeal balance time lowered to 5 seconds, down from 6.
- Zeal now does double damage to mobiles.
* This should bring it in line with old FSL.
- The amount of times Tempest strikes has been lowered to 6 times,
down from 15.
- Balance time from successful Tempest hits removed.
- Increased the initial balance loss of Tempest to 6 seconds
- Increased the balance loss for when Tempest ends/is interrupted
to 3 seconds.
* This only happens if you're not off balance.

Battlefury (Masteries)
- Masteries once again have a cooldown, however only for 60 minutes.
- The following masteries have been reworked:
* Scimitars cause extra bleeding.
* Battleaxes cause extra limb damage.
* Broadswords will ignore armor if the target is prone.
* Rapiers won't rebound into you from rebounding aura.
* Longswords will raze shield and rebounding aura passively.
* Morningstars cause stun (does not work with Zeal/Tempest).
* Maces deal extra bruising.
* Flails work through parry.
* The rest of the masteries have been removed for now.

- Removed the Vengeance empowerment.

- New Skill: Copy.
* This skill is on a trial basis due to the complexity of it.

- Shortswords now come with a much higher to-hit rate then normal.

- Reduced the health cost to the user of Firebomb to 1000 damage.
- Damage from Firebomb switched back to calculate from the targets
max health.
- Increased the damage on Firebomb slightly.

- Split Mind's 10% reduction to mana costs now only works upon
abilities instead of everything.

- Shrivel sped up to 2 seconds, down from 3.
- Bonedagger against mobiles is now 3.50 seconds, down from 4.

- Removed the message stating that your mana is being drained by
an aura.

- Chameleon no longer changes movement messages.

- I've done a heap of cleaning of our weaponry code. If you find
anything strange such as weapon attacks doing a lot less damage
then normal or something alike, please BUG it. Thanks!

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Slyphian, in the year 347 MA.