November Promotions

Date: 11/1/2011 at 0:11
From: Galleus, the Sky Sovereign
To : Everyone
Subj: November Promotions

October is at an end, but November is here to please with more
promotions than you can shake a stick at.

To start, the Wheel has returned to Aetolia! Head to Delos to take a
chance and spin every day of the month, and who knows what you might

Next, GIFTBAGS are back! Players who purchase credits at:

will receive a special giftbag for every 100 Credits they purchase!
These giftbags have a wide variety of special items within, including
some unique artifacts that you won't find anywhere else!

Finally, Aetolia will be holding an Artifact Auction from now until the
end of the 15th of November. Numerous unique and hard-to-find artifacts
will be available as credit auction items, as well as some general
artifact items that will be auctioned for gold! All artifact items will
be released later this month, alongside an Announce post with the
specifications for each!

Please direct any questions regarding November's promotions to Me,

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Severin, in the year 346 MA.