The Hunting Grounds

Date: 10/25/2011 at 3:31
From: Haern, the Hunter
To : Everyone
Subj: The Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Grounds have undergone some extensive changes to add a
little bit more excitement to the building conflict that's come to
Aetolia recently.

Summary of changes:

- All Hunting Ground items are impossible to remove or give away.
If you find anyway to get around this, please bug it.

- Possession of a Hunting Ground item means you are able to be
killed by other players without any repercussions for them.
This essentially means you are OPEN PK.

- If you die, you will drop any Hunting Ground items you have.

- There is now a global message when someone enters the Hunting Grounds.

- To enter the Hunting Grounds, you must KNEEL before one of the many
'cairn of the Hunter' items you will find in most major forests or

- The means of returning to Sapience is still the same.

- You can also TOUCH these cairns to see who currently holds what item.

- You may RELINQUISH <item> to return it to the Grounds.

Here is an overview of what each item now does:

Claw, sword of the Hunt
- Will deal 25% of an Eld's max health in damage when attacking one
using Claw.

Shade, robe of the Hunt
- Wearing Shade will make the bearer invisible to any Eld. They won't
attack the wearer, and the wearer won't count towards the number of
Eld that will spawn.

Silence, cloak of the Hunt
- Wearing Silence will prevent any global/area messages from extracting
a lesser or minor focal point.

Stag Helm
- Wearing the Stag Helm will grant you permanent [Vision-Detection] with
no drain

Rowan Box
- Solving this puzzle will grant your city additional ylem.

Night Eye Pendant
- This is currently keeping its previous function.

Defiant Rose
- Wearing the Defiant Rose will halve your residual energy usage.

Ivory Bough
- Each sip of the Ivory Bough will grant you a defence that lets you
land critical blows upon Eld for 30 minutes. Timer won't stack with
multiple sips.

More changes will be coming in the future to the Grounds! Severn and I
hope you enjoy this added tidbit of conflict. Shed some blood!

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Lleian, in the year 345 MA.