Artifact Auction

Date: 7/19/2010 at 15:59
From: Galleus, the Sky Sovereign
To : Everyone
Subj: Artifact Auction

I'm excited to announce that an artifact auction will begin tonight at
the Howling and run for one week. A variety of unique items will be
available to bid on for credits, and several standard artifacts will be
auctioned for gold as well. Please read HELP AUCTIONS for more
information on the auction system as well as how to bid.

Credit Items:

1 Loyal Butler
-In an Aetolian first, bidders have the opportunity to acquire a butler
for their homes, designed to their unique specifications. I will be
providing a variety of custom responses and behaviors for the butler
depending on whoever wins the auction. In addition, the butler will come
with a free room to add on to any existing house, or a free house (one
room) if you do not already own one.

2 Custom Wings
-Specify up to 12 unique exits from your own personal portal room. These
wings have the same benefits and restrictions as other Wings and
Amulets. They can also be any type of item you wish, they need not be

1 Torc of the Voidwalker
-Wearing this torc will obfuscate the area around its wearer in the same
fashion as the Mirage ability of the Sciomancers. The effect will be
able to be negated by removing the torc. For reference, Mirage causes
anyone looking into the room through any means to see a different room

3 Pet Tokens
-Each pet token may be traded in for a pet with the standard 900 credit
package of features, including being mountable, sentient, invincible,
and able to fly! Pet types are subject to review.

2 Intaglios of Artos
-The Intaglio of Artos allows the user to customise their enter and
exits messages. These messages are subject to administrative review.

3 Bangles of Returning
-The Bangle of Returning will allow you to mark a room and return to it
at will from anywhere on the same continent. The movement is not
instantaneous and is subject to recent-aggression checks that prevent it
from being used after recent combat.

1 Link of the Ethereal
-Acquiring the Link of the Ethereal will allow you to bridge the gap
between your haven and that of another. This can only be used once and
cannot be changed.

2 Unctuous Flasks
-Drinking from the unctuous flask will immediately reduce your
drunkenness and hunger to nil. This can only be used once per hour, and
only by the owner, you crazy alcoholics.

1 Bag o' Bombs
-Similar to a flowerpot, only with a variety of explosives from the
Pyrotechnics talent appearing in it every day. Muhahaha.

Gold Items:

2 Wings of the Eagle/Sulfurous Amulet
1 Gem of Transmutation
2 Bracelet of Sustenance
1 Staff of Illusion
2 Bracers of Devestation (Level 2)
1 Cloak of Shadow

Any questions about the auction items may be directed to Galleus.

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Niuran, in the year 308 MA.