Eleusis, the village in the treetops. The place of our hearts.

Date: 10/18/2017 at 14:11
From: Ahura Rangor Corten, Hierophant of Eleusis
To : Everyone
Subj: Eleusis, the village in the treetops. The place of our hearts.

Greetings to the World,

It is not often I find an opportunity to talk about the village I call my home, but when I see the rubbish the world at large say about my out I cannot just let it pass. So forgive my old mans thoughts, should you not find them to your liking.

Here we have a young Eleusian, taking his first steps to present himself and his beliefs to the world, and the expected response, from the expect people do not take long to come in reply. How very drool. Tahquil, shall I come take a dump on your porch to show you how wrong you are?

What have now been called the Eleusian Winter was cold indeed, many of our own left and it lasted for many years. However what I now see in the Village in the Trees, is that which comes after the cold. With a new Council we again move forwards. At my side on the battlefield I still see many old strong faces, mixed with the new from the next generation that tend to rise up to replace the old. When I walk through the village I see our merchants still selling their wares and making a profit, I see our artists young and old presenting themselves and their works in public and private places, I see our ritualists going through the trusted and practiced rituals of old. I see life, vibrant and wonderful in it's continuous cycle, living in harmony with Nature which we are sworn to.

The Eleusis you see now, and that will continue to grow into the future, is not the same as the one you saw last season. Through the seasons there comes change. If you lived amongst us you would find that the next generation better prepared than the last as they are taught of our Goddesses and that they learn, live and breathe the Viridian Charter from their very first days. However with the new, we do not forget our past, it is history that shapes us into what we will become.

Our Village is a city of individuals, brought together in a common cause. With that comes the occasional difference of opinion, history and perspective. Through debate, discussion, and direction from our Gods, the village continues on through the cycles, never remaining stagnant, always staying.. interesting.

While I have your attention, if I still have it. I encourage you to read and study the Viridian Charter, learn of our way of life, learn of Nature itself, and don't leave out the Lady of Wrath. See the possibilities, see the differences, embrace it all. You will come to see that our way of life, is the one worth living.

- Ahura Rangor Corten, Hierophant of Eleusis

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Phaestian, in the year 754 AF.