On Nature

Date: 10/16/2017 at 14:46
From: Alrena Lichlord, Warden of the Red Isle
To : Everyone
Subj: On Nature

I do not often use these boards, but it is always good to see a hopeful Scion, if your understanding is acceptably limited at your age. The Targossian Daeir, ofcourse, demonstrates his lack of understanding and futile wish for friendship, even as his city demonstrates Strength on a monthly basis and Eleusis shows... very little at all.

Indeed, Nature suffers under exterminations and the blight of cities and worse. But Daeir is correct that the greatest blight on Nature is how few are truly dedicated to their charge. Even the Reckoning he cited showed forestals refusing to do what needed to be done, because they did not like the only remaining option. Convenience has triumphed over duty and it is no wonder your best and brightest have left, like leaves in the wind.

For that is the truth, Scion. Your Summer has long since passed, if it ever arrived at all. Now you are in your decline. Nature shall endure, as it has before when Eleusis was just as useless. Many in your Village are parasites, protected by Nature more than they protect their sworn charge.

However, as you say there is indeed a cycle. Look forward to Winter, Eleusis, as it comes marching in iron boots. Only under our Lord Sartan can sentient life attain their true potential. Nature, too, will see Her true potential under the Malevolent One's rule, or be discarded if found wanting. The strong devour the weak, a rule of Nature that so many conveniently ignore.

You can try to fight back. You can stop us, if you grow stronger. If you are stopped by weak leadership, overthrow them. But if you remain as you are, Eleusis, you will only fall deeper and a Winter of Evil and ashes will overcome you. One way or another, we will teach you Strength.

Look to my statue atop the Gatehouse and learn that one must reach out to seize the Summer you so crave. It will not come to you without effort.

But we will.


Alrena Lichlord
Warden of the Red Isle

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Lupar, in the year 754 AF.