Date: 04/07/2014 at 21:35
From: Magister Bellator Jinsun, Twin-born Assassin
To : The City of Cyrene
Subj: Freedom


Sorry to address your points and names as once. You'll forgive as I find your identities to be of little consequence. Your bolstering and name calling is rather amusing. The assertions that our army came in the dead of night, and attempted to hide from you are beyond silly. As I recall, your city's destruction occurred around a similar time of the month as the raids which occurred just before your own. I'm sure you saw the pathetic screams, frozen on the faces of the severed heads of Targossians just the month before. You were then warned of the pending doom. You did not heed our words, your leaders failed you in planning and in service, and instead, you have elected a Minister of War whose only means of defense was one of the worst attempts at poetry that I've ever read.

There has been a lot of talk of freedom. Lord Vastar, I hope you'll forgive as I have never been incredibly versed on your realm, but I know the freedom which I have studied. The Nihilist teachings which you all attribute to all of Ashtan and attempt to hold akin to Lord Vastar's realm do not laud a freedom free of mortal consequence. While the Void awaits us all, you will face our wrath when you cross us. Quite simply you are as free in this realm as anyone or anything which is more powerful than you allows you to be allows you to be. Ashtan will not allow you to move against our citizens or do as you please.

Our Warlord is elected, and our Generals have long since earned their roles. They force no one to fight. However, I willingly lay my life before them in freedom as my own death is of little consequence. Quite truly, they have done exactly as they promised, and our armies reign victorious.

The posturing over justice, virtue, and what have you are quite wasted. In a time when the "Light" will kill at any first sighting, when a city known for its peacefulness must be taught to remain so, and when one of the largest cities in Sapience will allow its citizens to bow to the newest village, I see little use in defining "right" or "wrong." I have no time for virtue, no time for justice.

Take that as you may. I am as free as I can be in this life. Your citizens seek foolishly to aid those who hold their talents against them and imprison their own ideals. So long as this is allowed, and so long as we remain the most powerful city in Sapience, your freedom will be denied by our hands as we decide.

You may continue to write all of your awful poetry, but please place it in the proper waste receptacle.

In Freedom,
Magister Bellator Jinsun, Twin-born Assassin

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Chronos, in the year 651 AF.