A Lighter Perspective

Date: 04/07/2014 at 19:03
From: Squire Prydwyn of Immunes Praetoria
To : The City of Ashtan
Subj: A Lighter Perspective

Threats and bluster and assumptions.

Bronislav, Sestina, your words inspire me, but I fear they are wasted on those whose value is less than that of the ink you used to pen your messages to these boards.

Bullies, and bullies you are, Hirst, Dunn, Jhui, are hardly worth the time or breath to correct. Instead, to you lot, I will simply say this: I am a Paladin of Cyrene. I may be part of the Diaspora, but that is my choice to make and I do so to remain close with my fellow Cyrenian Devotion users. I hold little to no love for the Dawnspear, as many well know. Instead I choose to love Creation, to love the world in which we live, and strive to help Creation thrive in the face of parasitic beings who simply wish to see the world burn. Targossas is nothing to me. This world is everything, that is why I am a Paladin.

But this message is addressed to all of Ashtan, and it is to those of you with free minds that I speak to now. See your leaders, see how they behave on these boards and in the greater world around you. I know many of you are good souls, wishing only a life of freedom. I pray you find your freedom from these tyrants who preach freedom while selfishly go about their days in an attempt to harm others that just wish to live their lives. I pray you see the hypocrisy in Ashtan as it is now. You have the freedom to to live, away from the wrathful, domineering thumb of those like Hirst and Jhui, just as I have the freedom to live away from the foul hand of the Dawnlord. You owe these warmongers no more loyalty than I owe the man that once murdered me on a whim. I humbly remind you of this and remind you that there is always a chance of redemption in Creation.

Again, Ashtan, I urge you to look at these people you call leaders, think upon their actions and words, and see for yourself just how "Free" your city truly is.

And one last message for you three mentioned above: Send your armies, strike me down, strike at my home. Your efforts yield you nothing. Cyrene does not kneel, Cyrene will not break. Bruise our egos if it makes you feel better about your own foul selves, but do not fool yourselves. Cyrene will stand strong long after you are naught but a memory.

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Chronos, in the year 651 AF.