I'll play your game, you rogue.

Date: 04/07/2014 at 18:34
From: Bronislav Zviera
To : Eldritch General Hirst da'Miras
Subj: I'll play your game, you rogue.


How flattering. My actions have drawn some small amount of attention. However, I believe that my intentions are misunderstood and require some small amount of explanation.

My attempts to assist Targossas are, by and large, declined - just as my attempts to assist Eleusis against Mhaldor are, with some exceptions, declined. My attempts to assist Hashan against Mhaldor have reached a mix between appreciative thanks or gentle refusal. Sometimes I just show up and start shooting those who were raiding - if memory serves, I believe you were doing the same when Mhaldor raided Hashan for their spare tanks.

To put it simply, I will work alongside whomever, wherever, however, to thwart or otherwise hinder those who murder, pirate, or steal from good people. I will work in tandem with others against any city who encourages or harbours such behaviour.

For Mhaldor, this is a relatively simple affair. In the case of Ashtan, however, I face a complication: not all Ashtani are narcissistic, nihilistic bastards who enjoy capering in the gore of anyone they can get away with murdering. That's why some decent Ashtani are welcome to visit Cyrene. That's why I put arrows into certain Targossians for violating the sanctity of my city: some try to murder Ashtani within Cyrene's walls. That's largely why Targossas' army declines my offers of assistance.

While I appreciate that I have gained some small amount of notice in my endeavours, make no mistake: I didn't 'attempt' to aid the Navy of Targossas - I did aid the Navy of Targossas, in attacking a known pirate ship with known pirates in it. I didn't 'fail' to stop the destruction of Targossas' gates - I hindered as many common enemies as I could manage, whether it was by putting arrows into them or dumping their bodies in front of a Targossan dragon for decapitation.

You see, General Hirst, my goal is not to bolster Targossas, or Eleusis, or Hashan. I don't care about the Diaspora, or the East, or the North. Justice is my aim - and I will see it done. Alongside the Heart of the Vashnars, or alongside any who would have me stand beside them, against the disgusting acts that you and those like you have done.

Warmest regards,
Bronislav Zviera

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Chronos, in the year 651 AF.