Your promises

Date: 04/03/2014 at 15:10
From: Phantom Asp, Siduri Azagnanna
To : Warlord Jhui Ta'sa, Lord of the Crossing
Subj: Your promises

Warlord Jhui,

Winning the staff was indeed an impressive feat, which shows just how much potential the City of Ashtan has when it concentrates itself on a single objective. On this, I respectfully doff my hat to you and your comrades.

However, you seem to believe that the City of Targossas is made of flesh and stone, and that your exactions could have any effect upon Their warriors. We have demonstrated, last month, that we will not allow your northern savages to violate and plunder the Dawnspear at will, and every incursion will be swiftly met with the same indomitability.

The men and women who lost their lives were heroes of far greater valour than any of your rampaging psychopaths, and will forever remain in our memories for their glorious sacrifices. They have joined the White Ram in martyrdom, and like the sacred beast, their deaths will nurture our will and our resolve to face your glorified thugs.

And rest assured that, when this is all over, although battered, although dying, although dead even, we will rise again through Righteous Fire to step over the burning carcasses of your invading forces. We will cleanse our streets of the phlegm of your maddening entities and from the blood of your warriors. And together as one heart, one soul, we will repair any destruction that you may have caused in your folly and it will be as if you had never existed.

And thus will the Light reveal to the entire world your vainglorious parade for what it is: nothing but a discordant fanfare of barbarians attempting to justify their rapines through any possible means.

Forever Their witness,
Siduri Azagnanna

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Ero, in the year 651 AF.