Tired rhetoric

Date: 04/03/2014 at 05:02
From: Sir Verrucht Dawyn, the Hand of Neraeos
To : Warlord Jhui Ta'sa, Lord of the Crossing
Subj: Tired rhetoric


I haven't often publicly responded to goading, but I will this time, because your post made me smile. People have threatened Cyrene before for imagined slights and it appears that the cycle of history has come around again.

There's one thing nobody has ever managed to do, and that is to break our spirit. Even those amongst your own forces know that we represent no threat to Ashtan, nor do we wish to offer a threat. We simply wish to exist, and we allow our citizens to do as they wish within the guideline of our ethos and the Twelve Tables. This means that sometimes they pick sides, even though Cyrene does not. If you want to have a tantrum and crash yourself against Cyrene so be it. However, if you believe that this destruction will somehow prove something more than you can kill, you are sadly mistaken.

Might does not make right, and you prove nothing with what you do other than you have power. You flail it about like a drunk with a bottle and show it off like it's your newborn child. You may come in and destroy our city, and you may kill our citizens and our guards, but after you are gone we will rebuild. You will have no lasting impact on anything in this life with the way that you wield power, especially not in Cyrene

We will be a people long after this historical blip, we will be strong, caring, compassionate and kind. We will continue to hold dear to us that which truly matters. We will still be a people long after your excursions into our city have been forgotten and people are once again confused about how to pronounce your name.

We are Cyrene, we are next, and we don't give a damn.


Penned by my hand on the 4th of Ero, in the year 651 AF.