Alteration of Eleusian Relations

Date: 03/31/2014 at 20:11
From: Admiral Santar Darkwind, King of the Jungle
To : Everyone
Subj: Alteration of Eleusian Relations


This is an announcement to inform you that, effective immediately, none of you will be safe from me any longer. For the past two decades, I have refrained from violence against Eleusians. I have overlooked Eleusians in the Underworld and Annwyn on countless occasions, when it would have taken no more than a twitch of my hand to end any of you. I have avoided attacking Eleusian warriors and members of the Mark save for a select few number of times. In short, I have been kind to you all. This kindness will no longer be afforded to any of you.

You may all thank Rangor Corten for this disservice that he has done to you all. Earlier this month, I was in a one on one battle with a Mhaldorian, and after achieving victory and beginning to behead the wretch, Rangor stepped in to knowingly and wantonly deal the final blow. This dishonor is completely unacceptable, yet it is still merely a personal dispute. Yet, when I immediately sought revenge on Rangor, he displayed nothing but cowardice as he hid inside the Eleusian gatehouse. Still, I am a patient man and I would not impugn an entire village over one man's dishonor. However, later when I again sought retribution against Rangor in the Underworld, instead of fighting me fairly, he chose to use the citizens of Eleusis against me in battle.

Initially, I was surprised at this action. As a long time associate of Rangor's, I had expected him to resolve this dispute as two warriors would. Instead of simply fighting me to resolve the earlier dispute, he hurled insults at me and continued to try to assault me with half a dozen of his citymates. In addition, the sheer belligerence of these Eleusians, after the many years of grace I have shown them was very startling. You all seem to have forgotten that the reason you are able to walk safely is due to my own courtesy towards you. You have taken advantage of this courtesy and you shall soon reap the woes of such.

Five Eleusians were promptly slaughtered by my hand within the Underworld in less than a quarter of a day after this transgression, and these assaults will not stop until Rangor Corten and the others that were involved atone for their actions. The blame lies with Rangor and the half dozen representatives of Eleusis that assaulted me. I offered Rangor multiple chances to simply keep this between the two of us, all of which he refused. He chose to turn this matter between the two of us into a conflict between Eleusis and I. Given my past leniency towards Eleusis, I felt that it was important to at least give you all a proper explanation before I begin to cut you all down. It is regrettable that it has come to this.

Santar Darkwind, King of the Jungle

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Aeguary, in the year 651 AF.