Wanderings and Ramblings

Date: 03/18/2014 at 20:45
From: Magister Bellator Jinsun
To : Everyone
Subj: Wanderings and Ramblings

While I do not wish to endorse or promote the ideas of Asmodron, I do want to give a caution out there to professed scholars. The general attitude regarding the news of ?the Wanderer? be it Khalas or any number of deities or mortals has been of arrogance and outright dismissal. There is a reason that Houses in our land shelter and hide scholars. It is for this very purpose. The scholar is careful, intrigued, and open minded. A buffoon openly dismisses the notions of others simply because it does not fit into their own intellectual grid-work. Dortheron, in particular, you live in our great city, the city of freedom that promotes discourse. While I agree that the return of Khalas may be seem remote, improbable, and downright close to delusional, I?m personally curious.

Some of you may know that in his last return, I grew close with the Prophet Flair, and became somewhat of a tag-a-long. He later revealed to me that I was the child of he and Jozlyn. Before his return, I had read, at length of his trials in the return of Lord Babel. Many of those in Ashtan see Flair as a kind of hero who was right, and was a ?true? Prophet. Truly, in the end, he was right. However, those who know him and have read about it will tell you that he was cast out by those closest to him and dismissed just as readily if not moreso than Asmodron has been here. He has slumbered again, but I assure you, as someone who experienced dismissal and being cast out himself, my Father would never be so dismissive of someone and their ideas. Flair was not the first prophet. Flair was not the only prophet. Flair will not be the last prophet. Please, do not throw his name around carelessly to disprove someone else?s statements. I personally do not believe what Asmodron is saying to be true, but I?m also curious to find out. Truly, that?s how a scholar should be. We?re not all scholars, and this will be above some of your heads. Certainly so if you?re going to be close-minded. Good day, all.

In scholarship,
Magister Bellator Jinsun.

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Aeguary, in the year 650 AF.