Khalas isn't coming back

Date: 03/18/2014 at 04:27
From: Iron Renshi Dortheron Covraci, Tetsujin
To : Asmodron
Subj: Khalas isn't coming back


I don't usually get involved, but this recent idea of yours peeked my interest. While I understand your desire to be the next "Prophet of a Lost God" like Flair was with Lord Babel, the circumstances are much different.

First, Khalas' whereabouts is quite known unlike Lord Babel during the reign of Lady Eris. He currently sits as a statue in the middle of Tomacula.

Secondly, Khalas had no essence, domain, or influence over any aspect of Creation or Chaos. Lord Babel had a large essence pool before Lady Eris drained him and fled back to the Unnamable Horror. This point about Khalas was discussed in the previous posts of others.

Third, while Lord Babel was trapped by Lord Agethis and later freed by mortal and Divine intervention, Khalas was sentenced to his punishment by Ayar (who later joined with Proteus to become the being known as Sarapis). The intent might of been the same, but the knowledge, power, and skill was much stronger in the case of Khalas' binding.

Fourth, Khalas was ultimately a puppet of Pazuzu. His contribution to the War of the Gods was the inclusion of the demons of Pazuzu and the undead lead by Prince Slith. While he might of had strength and skill in war and magic (like the other Gods did), he had no army or people that were his own. There is no one besides yourself who thinks or even wants to bring him out of his rocky prison, if the other Divine would even allow it.

Fifth, if the Mythos is to be believed (and I see no reason why not), Khalas was turned into a statue not just as his punishment for his rebellion against the leadership of Proteus, but to "forever remind people of the folly of rebellion against Proteus." Note the word "forever" in that statement.

Finally, I was curious about the fate of Khalas at one point myself. When Lord Sarapis had once again turned His attention to Sapience (before the events of Bal'met and was forced to tend to the Fire-behind-the-Flames), I had asked Him about Khalas. And while I did not record what I heard, the answer was something like "Khalas has not even begun to pay back for what he had done". Pretty sure The Logos wasn't lying, and others (don't remember who) also heard the question and answer.

While I could be wrong on some or maybe even all of the points (which I'm sure will be pointed out in future responses), I have doubt that I am wrong. Your mutterings about the Wanderer returning is best left to those in Creville.

Iron Renshi Dortheron Covraci, Tetsujin

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Daedalan, in the year 650 AF.