Khalas, the Statue

Date: 03/18/2014 at 01:34
From: Sentinel Fox, Sir Agrias de Feura, High Laureate
To : Asmodron
Subj: Khalas, the Statue

The Messenger's realm encompassed those of Rogues and Wanderers, and His own addition of Luck. The first two were won in a bet against the Elder Goddess, Raclawice. Khalas is a wanderer, sure, but he was -never- the god of Wanderers. That dominion remained with the Messenger, and as such is currently unclaimed by Any.

Khalas was indeed an Elder God, back in the days of Proteus, the Creator. He, alongside of Agatheis and Lorielan, plotted to overthrow the now Logos for control. The amusing part of this, at least, I think, is that he was turned into a statue specifically because of his title. Statues, as I recall, aren't very...ambulatory. Irony! Though I give you full credit, Asmodron, for being the very first person who shows complete mastery over not knowing what you're talking about.

I, in my munifience, shall forgive you, and as I gaze into the unblinking, perfectly preserved eyes of the statue you worship in Tomacula, I shall find respite and content.

Especially as I wander away of my own volition.

- The Charlatan

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Daedalan, in the year 650 AF.