Van Helsing Year of Blood: Y650 Edition.

Date: 03/16/2014 at 04:30
From: Strata
To : The Clan of Excidium
Subj: Van Helsing Year of Blood: Y650 Edition.

The Rules:

1) No gems or veils.
2) Kills are worth 5 points, deaths are worth -2. You must message Draqoom with who you killed or died to.
3) All Van Helsings whom are members of the Van Helsing Family clan who have agreed to participate are free game amongst each other.
4) Be sure to notify your city of any duels between family members whom are also city mates.
5) Check with each other to discuss whether an ambush or a proper duel is preferred. We are still a family and we will respect each others' wishes.
6) The first family member to reach 300 points, or the family member with the highest score at the end of the year shall be the winner, and may get a prize.
7) Have fun and remember after this is over, we are still a family and no hard feelings are to be had.

Good luck!

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Mayan, in the year 649 AF.