A Night Masquerade

Date: 02/14/2014 at 00:42
From: Brood Mistress Eiredhel Xenophidex, The Observer
To : Everyone
Subj: A Night Masquerade

Greetings Adventurers of Sapience,

It brings me great pleasure to announce the first of hopefully many, 'Night Masquerades'. Our guests of honour will be Hashan's Matron, Lady Ourania and the Goddess of Dreams, Lady Valnurana. Utmost respect is to be paid to both of Them. The organizers and the Goddesses hope that everyone in attendance will enjoy a Night under the Moon in a relaxing Dream-like atmosphere. Surprises with be in-store and perhaps danger.

Food will be provided, and all those who attend the event are required to dress in formal wear to be allowed to enter the event space. Masks are HIGHLY recommended due to the 'Masquerade' bit. NO weapons are to be wielded during the event for obvious security reasons.

City leaders are given priority seating, while the Goddesses will be seated on thrones fitting Their Realms.

Date: Miraman 1st, of 648 AF for entry and check in for door prizes
The festivities will officially begin on the 2nd

Location: High Court of Hashan

- Hashani: 5,000 gold
- Order Members: 5,000 gold
- Hashani Allies: 6,500 gold
- Non-citizens of Hashan: 8,000 gold
- All Couple pricing: 12,000 gold
- City Enemies: Get unenemied*

Send a letter or message to Chancellor Eiredhel Xenophidex and deposit the proper amount of gold to the City. You will have your official invitation mailed to you 3 months before the Ball, you may purchase tickets up until 6 days before the Ball itself.

If you'd like to perform before the Goddesses and those in attendance, feel free to contact me. There is no guarantee that you will be selected unless one of the Goddesses specifically request you, or one of Hashan's Officials vouch for your talent.

ANY questions or concerns should be mailed DIRECTLY to Chancellor Eiredhel Xenophidex or I cannot deal with it.

In Service to the Crown,
Chancellor Eiredhel Xenophidex

*If you are a citizen of Mhaldor or Targossas, don't bother.

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Lupar, in the year 647 AF.