Parlor Tricks and Pandering

Date: 02/04/2014 at 05:40
From: Magnus Bellator Jinsun
To : Aarashi Shamshir Anedhel Azon
Subj: Parlor Tricks and Pandering


You must feel winded after that... your poor scribe. What was merely a point of reference has become a tangent, and I will address it briefly.

First, let there be no mistake. I have no code, no moral high ground to abandon. I do not disguise my murders for what they are. There is no honour in death, and certainly the same in victory. I wont lie to you and say what I did was right or justified. It doesnt need to be.

The brief portion in which I mentioned you is not some cheap parlour trick. Against the short-standing policy of no association and no fraternization that Silas espouses quite readily, gamesmanship with a Mhaldorian, and not only defending, but readily admitting to defending them is quite against that. Others have been stripped and enemied for less, certainly. There is no trickery here, no sleight of hand, no magic. You are not supposed to associate at all with Mhaldorians yet you engage them in games. Its pretty clear to me. My view of your world is narrow because your leaders require such a narrow life.

As to our ?record? weve dueled, and youve even won once or twice, but do not inflate your ego. As a young warrior, you were a target for me, and easily dispatched. You were but a step in one of the ladders that Ive climbed. If you want to compare notes, though, we can discuss what happened when I jumped Naah. I turned to you. You began shouting and screaming as your brain could not handle the truth. You scurried as the rat that you are back to your floating piece of debris and left the poor child to me. Mhaldorians had to come and save her despite your valiant efforts. Spare us your empty words, Anedhel, and your broken ethics.

In Truth,
Bellator Jinsun

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Chronos, in the year 646 AF.