A clarification

Date: 02/03/2014 at 23:46
From: Aarashi Shamshir Anedhel Azon
To : Magnus Bellator Jinsun
Subj: A clarification

Greetings, Bellator,

I address this post to you because you brought up the matter of my defending Naah earlier this month.

You are entirely correct, and I will not deny it. Any and all meetings which are requested of me under the conditions of parlay, I shall endeavour to see through without violence or harm to either party, so long as the conversation is on-going.

Regardless of whether the person speaking with me under such an arrangement is Ashtani, Mhaldorian, Hashani, or any other affiliation, I shall not violate my principles and allow them to come to harm, if I have agreed to safeguard their physical safety for a specified period of time, for any reason- least of all to satisfy your small-minded ideas of murder and self-gratification.

If you seek to slay the servants of the Lord of Malevolence, please, by all means, knock yourself out. You will find that, unless the circumstances are identical- a person and I are parlaying with a very specific end in mind, you will find that I shall continue to live up to my word, whomever I give it to. Alien as the thought may be, perhaps you can find room for it in that narrow world view of yours.

Some of us do not compromise our principles, not even in the face of public news posts. That you should endeavour to smear my name with some pointless accusation, so that the mere impression of impropriety might win you points with a faceless audience, gives weight to the notion that you have no legs to stand on. Time and again I have given you battle individually, and we have dueled many times- but you fail to mention that record.

If you continue to assault persons in my custody, even my temporary custody, I shall certainly raise blades to kill you. I refuse to compromise my standards and make my word a cheap trinket that resembles more a punch line than a code, as you so willingly and easily have. The next time you pick a person to attempt to smear, I suggest you pick a softer target- of the two of us, only one of us is not a liar, a criminal, and likely to espouse the political equivalent of cheap parlor tricks to attempt to make another look bad.

In service to the Lightbringer,

Anedhel Azon

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Chronos, in the year 646 AF.