A response

Date: 02/03/2014 at 22:22
From: Magnus Bellator Jinsun
To : Aarashi Shamshir Tesha al Ashtad, Golden Justice
Subj: A response


First let me state, I don?t necessarily think Shecks to be the most eloquent spoken. Nor do I consider him to be the end-all voice of the Ashtani military. However, I must applaud him for his bluntness. He spoke the truth of what some of us have thought in the past: "Why, if Targossas finds us to be a scourge that must be wiped from the face of Creation, don?t they declare war on us and do so? My general assumption is that you know the outcome and wouldn?t face the shame of defeat.

Now, onto your points. First, you?ve referenced Jhui holding our hands. Is the General stronger and more talented than I? Of course, I?ll admit that readily. Does he hold my hand? No. Hes killed me in simple training. Ours is not a city breeding weakness. Last month, I spoke personally to you about you coddling your young to your own breast in combat, refusing to let them face single enemies alone. This has occurred on numerous occasions. What generally happens is that a smaller, unprepared combatant attacks me with one of their equally unprepared friends (last months being Iskla and Reonna). Then, I find them each separately and try to impart some knowledge of combat to them. Theyre generally unreceptive, and don?t take long to call on you.

The next bit of statements from you contains more of the same ?clinging to each other,? etc. It?s dribble, frankly. Its also hypocritical. Many of the statements coming from the city of Light assert that not aiding your enemies is enough of a transgression that innocents in that manner will not be spared. Yet, as I pointed out to you this month, your own, Anedhel defended a Mhaldorian when I came for her. His excuse was that they were playing chess, and he would defend her until the final move. Dear, if I knew board games could draw an alliance, I might have asked sooner! You refused to believe my statements on this, the arrogance! The fact is, your own troops even hunt in bands and small regiments just to avoid many of our own individually. They even, as we?ve seen, will band with Mhaldorians to move against me.

Silas has proclaimed many times that any who aid Ashtani citizens are immediate enemies of the Light. Know this, I have a similar policy. Ask Ruca. I do not care if they are a soldier, child, or buffoon. If anyone attempts to aid my victim, I will come for them. Why? Because our supposed allies have suffered the same. Seralle was attacked for just this reason. I tire of a city who seeks to spite the world, declaring all to be unfit and unjust, a city that claims it will purge Creation with righteous fire, but that requires a priestess to spew insults and spout off at the mouth rather than go to war. Your idea of diplomacy is quite humorous, I must say.

On the one hand, you want us all dead. On the other, you want us to spare your young. This cannot and will not happen. You know this, I know this. Call it what you will, but the truth is, your own policies and arrogance are falling on the youth of your refugee flotilla, and will continue to do so as long as they persist.

In effect, the mouths of Targossas have outrun the maces, and they will not be spared. War or no war.

In truth,
Magnus Bellator Jinsun

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Chronos, in the year 646 AF.