Your request

Date: 02/03/2014 at 17:20
From: Aarashi Shamshir Tesha al Ashtad, Golden Justice
To : Assassin errant, Shecks Khalifa
Subj: Your request

Shecks Khalifa,

Thank you for your wonderfully worded post. Your advisement will be taken into consideration, as each of your points are flawlessly made. However, since you seem to have little knowledge of the subject - or in general, for that matter - I will explain something to you.

The Dawnspear is hostile against the rabid dogs of Ashtan.

You may see this when your Warlord brings your armies against the Dawnspear and they are swiftly repelled. You may see this when your General resorts to overwhelming odds to secure a victory. You may see this when our forces engage in combat outside of our cities. It is apparent, and it is obvious.

However, a 'war' as you see it, is a period of heightened conflict. Where all else comes to a halt so that we may focus on one sole opponent. In your case, a morally destitute city filled with glorified brigands that have a lust for bloodshed, backed by a horde of weaker followers who seek an easy life with their hands held by the likes of Jhui Ta'sa.

There may come a time when a period of heightened conflict is necessary. That time is not now.

I ascertain that your desire for a 'war' is motivated by your wish to kill those less experienced than you but brave enough to be soldiers. Quite possibly in a group. Your weakness alone and willingness to cling to eachothers' ankles and waists is alarming. Soon you will be unable to even walk without doing so in a group, for your legs would have lost the ability.

If you desire a fight, I will provide one. You may request a duel at any time, as can any of your rabid friends. You have been able to for years. The fact that none of you have, while our young like Seralle are ambushed regularly, speaks volumes. I will be sending you a kerchief, Shecks Khalifa. Please use it to wipe the drool from the corner of your lips, rather than letting it spill all over the public boards a second time.

Tesha al Ashtad

Penned by my hand on the 4th of Chronos, in the year 646 AF.