The Festival of Dawn

Date: 01/29/2014 at 13:57
From: Phantom Asp, Siduri Azagnanna
To : Everyone
Subj: The Festival of Dawn

Hail to you, peoples of Sapience,

On the 22nd of Daedalan, in the year 646 After the Fall, the people of Targossas has gathered once again to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Their most holy city. On this day of commemoration, we have gathered at the feet of the Heart of Dawn to partake in the solemn sacrifice of the White Ram and to set alight the raging bonfire of Hope. For an entire year, the citizens of Targossas will take part in games and numerous artistic manifestations that have for sole aim to give praise to Their triumphant return, acclaim Their glorious guidance, and reminisce the brilliant deeds made in Their names.

This anniversary, marked by the lighting of the bonfire of Hope, beckons you all to join in this joyous celebration: cast away the wickedness of ages past and the terrors of yesterday, open your eyes and smile, heart warmed by the holy brazier of Tomorrow. So long as there will be a candle in this world, so long as there will be hearts ready to receive the blessings of Light and Fire, then for so long will this grand spectacle return to bring hope to the innocents of this world, and dire trepidation in the hearts of the wicked.

Hear ye:
Blessed is the one who, like the White Ram, humbly bows his head to Their majesty.
For he will not be blinded by pride, but made to see by the eternal meditation of the Truth.
This one will not quiver in the face of impending doom, but accept his sacrifice gladly.
Once a lamb, he is now Ram, black of hide now white as snow.

And he will call out to Them in his final hour:
'Let my horns be the stalwart shield of the innocents,
And the courageous blade that befalls the iniquitous.
Let my blood flow a river, feeding the tree that will bear fruits,
And the torrent that washes away the sins of the wicked.
Let my flesh feed the orphan and the widow of the just,
And be the fuel of Their most glorious holocaust.'

Blessed is the one who, inspired by the martyr beast, protects the innocents until his dying breath.
For bones and sinew may turn to ashes, yet he who dies in Righteous Fire is born anew.
This one's sacrifice we will remember, to not let it be in vain:
Once again through Creation, he will rise again, stronger and hardier to the task.

Blessed be those who hear.

Forever Their witness,
Siduri Azagnanna

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Scarlatan, in the year 646 AF.