True Evil: A Manifesto

Date: 01/19/2014 at 20:52
From: High Cardinal Tiamat Lichlord
To : The City of Mhaldor
Subj: True Evil: A Manifesto

Mhaldor, the leadership that has been appointed over you is a failure.
The city of Mhaldor was created to promote and propagate the ideals
found within the Seven Truths. Your leaders have lost sight of the true
meaning of evil, as their own greed, slothfulness, apathy, and
covetousness has crept into their decision making process. This
digression from the true path and ideal has hindered the growth and
potential of Mhaldor. No longer are the commands of the Seven Truths
followed by those in power. Instead the leadership of Mhaldor has gone
to great lengths to twist the meaning of the Seven Truths, in order to
exalt themselves over Lord Sartan and the betterment of Mhaldor.

Surly the current leadership will come to their own defense in this
public rebuke of their despicable conduct, and undoubtedly I will be
labeled as an enemy of the state. They will try to twist my words in
order to save face amongst themselves. Do not believe their fabricated
lies, as they are nothing more than a brood of rats that have chewed a
hole in a bottom of a ship as it sails upon the seas. Their hypocritical
and insufficient squeaking will lead you away from the true ideal of the
Seven Truths.

Truth Four states that, "The enemies of strength are those who trumpet
the effeminate values of forgiveness, tolerance, and laxity of
discipline." There is no discipline and cohesion within Mhaldor, only
bickering and backstabbing between one another. No one works together
and therefor Mhaldor will lose any engagement it seeks to profit and
expand from. Without proper unity and direction, it would be better if
Mhaldor was cast into the sea and Lord Sartan began anew. This is why
the streets of Mhaldor run red with the blood of its citizenry. It is a
direct reflection and consequence of the long history of bad decisions
and shortcomings of those in charge. The leadership of Mhaldor has
continually debased the will and moral of the city. All too often, a
person rises in rank because they chose to bend down and lick the soiled
boots of those who consider themselves above the laws and regulations of
Mhaldor. There is little to no discipline left among those in leadership

Truth Five states, "The body may be made stronger through combat." Time
and time again, the great warriors and champions of Mhaldor have been
overlooked. In their stead, weak and inept bureaucrats who hide in the
shadows, send the rightful leaders of Mhaldor into the front lines of
battle from afar. The citizens of Mhaldor should no longer accept and
submit to the weakness of the Tyrannus Ruth and her army of quill
pushers. People such as Katzchen, Alynna, Jurixe, and Kaevan should have
to prove that they are worth their salt. As it stands they have become
empty receptacles, who merely regurgitate the poisons they are filled
with from the current Tyrannus. If nothing is done, they will continue
to lead you astray from the true meaning of evil. Do not surrender
yourselves to the multiple strokes of their pens and faulty decrees. You
are just a pawn in their eyes, and they will take your work and consider
it to be their own.

Challenge the leadership in open duels, there is nothing but progress to
be had in such endeavors. No matter who wins or loses, both parties walk
away from the skirmish having learned something, while at the same time
mitigating possible resentment. High ranking officials have been turning
down duels for far too long. They openly demand respect, yet offer
nothing in return. A true leader is able to balance might and cunning,
not just hide behind arbitrary rules and regulations. What they do not
realize, is that their inability to lead by example, only erodes their
credibility and derogates Mhaldorian society.

If you seek to be a true follower of evil, from this point forward you
need to ask yourself when contemplating the essence of true evil. This
person is weak, and I should take their power for my own. I do so for
the glory of Mhaldor, and for the simple reason that they are not worthy
of the titles they have granted themselves. It is up to you to challenge
the weak and unworthy, so that Mhaldor can grow prosperously. More
importantly, begin the process of reverting to the ideas present during
the founding of Mhaldor. The age old idea, that the sword is mightier
than quill and ink. Do you really think that the mighty warriors who
sacrificed themselves on the jagged stalagmite stopped to think about
petty regulations and dilapidated edicts? Never, they acted without
hesitation for the betterment of something greater then themselves.

As many of you know, many have already chosen to quit and deny the
ability of the Mhaldorian leadership to further infect their lives. I
have thought long about my next action, and it may be the end of me.
Nevertheless, it is my responsibility to forcefully promote the
advancement of the spirit to the weak, inept, and unreliable. As it is
written in Truth Seven, "The spirit may be made stronger by
enduring hardships, both self-imposed and externally imposed."
Therefore, in an attempt to force change on those who have
failed in their task of governing Mhaldor. I have taken the entirety of
the ancient tomes that were placed within the library of the Order of
Sartan, save one publication. The tome is titled, "THE WAY OF THE
INFERNAL KNIGHT," written by Malaclypse Thorn, Master of the Iron
Citadel. If Mhaldor has the courage and resolve to revive itself, I will
earnestly return the collection. All that needs to be done is that the
government follows the strict passages of conduct found within the pages
written by the Infernal Knights of Ashtan. However, as it stands the
governments long decent into ruin has diminished their sovereignty. They
no longer deserve the right to safeguard the works of those who
understood the true meaning of the Seven Truths.

It is embarrassing for me to realize, that the people in control of
Mhaldor no longer pay attention to the wisdom of their predecessors. All
those who hold position in the city government should be publically
shamed and executed. As I have taken the ancient tomes for an entire
year, and no one has even noticed that they have been missing. There
have even been a few tours of the temple during the periods in which
they have been taken. Sadly, the bookcases they were being held in were
just another object to gather dust. The leaders of the Order of Sartan
showed around the new initiates, obviously failing to even stop and
consider that something was amiss. Let history be the judge, but for me,
this just more evidence of their boundless vanity and disregard for the
advancement of evil.

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Valnuary, in the year 645 AF.