Date: 01/15/2014 at 09:32
From: Dawnlord Silas Maynard, the Voice of Light
To : Everyone
Subj: Victory

Misguided followers of the Moon,

Once again, we have shown that there will be no respite for those who follow the twisted lies of the Usurper.

Once again, we have shown that, even with your Ashtani attack dogs, we will not stand by and allow Her influence to grow so long as She continues to dabble in our affairs.

Since this conflict began, every one of Her shrines outside of Her city has been reduced to splinters and dust. Her beacons will never again be allowed to sully these lands; Her influence will never again be allowed to spread outside of your squalid little hole.

She has taken up the mantle as the Patron of the Occultists, and for it She has seen that nothing shall stand in our way as we enact Their will to eradicate all who would stand alongside our enemies.

On the night of the 13th of Aeguary, Targossian soldiers left Hashan, victorious, after slaughtering over 60 guards and destroying six more of Her shrines. A shrine to the Lightbringer was raised at the crossroads in the heart of your city as a reminder of the might and majesty of the Bloodsworn.

Even with continued Ashtani aggression, we of Targossas stood tall, never bowing to the mindless and countless hordes of Ashtani soldiers. We toiled endlessly to see that Their shrines were restored, and we stood doggedly, often against twice our numbers, to turn away the Bastion's attacks on the Dawnspear, never falling for this distraction from the true nature of our conflict.

Sapience, let this be a reminder to all that if you foolishly choose to stand with our enemies, we will cut you down. Let this be a reminder to all that the only true path is in Good.

We followers of Light and Fire will not rest until all who would stand against us have seen and embraced the Truth. We will not rest until all who stand opposed to Good have been purified by Righteous Fire.

As we bring this current conflict to its inevitable end - as we stand victorious over the followers of the Moon and their baying Ashtani hounds - I have one final message to impart.

Children of Song: know that His shrines will stand only by the grace and mercy of the Lightbringer. She would have us focus on the many who would truly oppose us, not wasting time on foolish children who do not understand what they are involving themselves in.

This is the final warning, though, for all who would seek to stand alongside our enemies. Unless you desire to follow the Usurper back into obscurity: think again.

In Their name,

Silas Maynard de l'Evanoir
Dawnlord of Targossas

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Aeguary, in the year 645 AF.