Truth and Chaos

Date: 11/26/2013 at 17:35
From: Aldair d'Vast, Augur of Light
To : Taraus Bravi'os, Gypsy Captain
Subj: Truth and Chaos

It is interesting to me that you attempt to invoke Truth when speaking of your ethos. Even a cursory review of the various statements and ideologies put forth by the sycophants of Chaos throughout history would reveal that Truth is not exactly a primary consideration.

My memory may be slipping but prior to this version of Chaos doctrine, the position was that Chaos was not a threat at all, no? It was merely a misunderstood energy that could be used to great effect by those willing to study it. In fact, not only was it not dangerous but it was fun and exciting. Only boring, stodgy people warned of the dangers of Chaos.

The current position admits that Chaos is more dangerous than was let on before. Yet along with that admittance comes the caveat that, unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do about it. It is far too strong to combat. Oblivion is inevitable and thus we might as well all eat, drink, and be merry - and by merry it is meant to participate in whatever depraved activities cross your mind regardless of the harm it does to you or others- until this inevitable end arrives.

Of course anyone who bothers to do the slightest bit of study on the subject knows the Truth of Chaos. It was summarized quite well by the Logos in public posting one forty two. Creation itself will never be threatened by total destruction from Chaos. However, the small part of Creation inhabited by mortals can be destroyed by this force and the Logos will not save us from the fate we bring upon ourselves. So basically, any claim that Creation will be swallowed up by Chaos in some predestined oblivion is simply false.

But why would the Nihilists, who really seem quite friendly and knowledgeable, lie? If your goal is the ascension of Oblivion and it is known that there are parts of Creation that can be destroyed by Chaos, what possible reason could you have for attempting to convince the populations of said parts of Creation to do absolutely nothing to combat this threat? Indeed, it is a mystery.

Regardless of the current flavor the minions of Chaos are peddling, the work of all those interested in -not- being consumed by Chaos remains the same. Expose their lies. Combat their true objectives. Remain resolved in the face of their machinations.

The Lightbringer and the Righteous Fire offer no propaganda to lure you to Their cause. A life in the service of Good is not a life of leisure where you strive for little more than perpetual entertainment, hopelessly attempting to fill the ever growing void at your core. There is work to be done in service to Good. There are threats to Creation to be mitigated. Are our memories so short that we forget how close we came to ruin with the Worldreaver?

Put aside your petty quarrels. Put aside your fear. Put aside your childish protests that you should be able to do whatever you like without consequence. Turn your face to the Light and place your feet on the path of Righteousness. Do that which is right rather than that which is easy.

As the Dawnlord said, we must all make our choice. You can choose to stand with us and face down the forces that seek to warp or outright destroy Creation or you can choose to stand against us by joining with said forces or turning a blind eye to the danger.

Your ignorance and apathy will not save you or our world from the consequences of your actions or inaction.

Choose wisely.

In Their Service,
Aldair d'Vast

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Miraman, in the year 641 AF.