The Tyrant for the Moon

Date: 11/25/2013 at 05:06
From: Sylvan Mystic, Achimrst
To : Kabbalistic initiate Eibon
Subj: The Tyrant for the Moon

First off a Spiritwalker should never speak of opposing Dictatorship or of having any thought of their own. No Spiritwalker is to think without the blessing of your Prophet, and I have no doubt that your ranting is a product of your Tyrant Xadzia. It is well known between certain circles that there is no free will among the Spiritwalkers. Your Tyrant rules with an iron fist even going as far as pushing your fellows away instead of embracing them for the sake of a small and misguided ideal.

Young initiate Eibon, in my own words I say to you once more. Study the code of Respect, Loyalty, Strength, Honour, and Courage. Know that this code demands of you and understand it completely, I know your house is ignorant of it's past. I have seen that first hand, it is no secret to me but your contradictory statements need to be opposed. Listen to your words and I will fix them for you:

If you enjoy not having to think because somebody already thought for you; if you enjoy killing "the unpure" because prejudice and an enforced dictatorship demand that you do - regardless of the actual facts of the matter; and if you enjoy bullying and talking down to everybody that you don't mindlessly serve, then you will be very happy as a Spiritwalker lacky.

You speak as if from my own mouth in this statement, but you are directing it to the wrong person. Your true enemy is your false Prophet, the one who cannot help but be what she is. Perhaps you should ask the Moon what I mean, I am sure you will get as favorable a response as the former members of your Council of Spiritwalkers got. Likely your awakening from dormancy was a favour to our blessed Lady glowing in the night sky. OBEY the Moon, or suffer her dire consiquences!

Stars guide you young walker,
Sylvan Mystic, Achimrst Oracle and Veiled one of the Clan Curia Spiritus

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Daedalan, in the year 641 AF.