Consequences and Choice

Date: 11/22/2013 at 06:50
From: Dawnlord Silas Maynard, the Voice of Light
To : Antic Jaran Kerelin Lionblaze, Mason of Lore
Subj: Consequences and Choice


I am not one to threaten. My post was to inform you of the consequences of your blasphemy, and to rid you of the notion that your empty and insincere apology would convince anybody of anything other than your own foolish pride.

Further, I have no intention of forcing a sincere apology out of you. As I said in my post, you have two options: you can apologise unreservedly and face up to the truth of your situation, or you can continue to put your pride first and face death at the hands of Their chosen.

What you choose matters little to me; but whichever path you take, you should know that it was your choice. We all of us have choices to make: in this, Jaran, you will be the example to the world of where the choice of putting your pride before the inexorable will of Light and Fire leads.

To the rest of you, know that this is a choice you all make daily. You all have the capacity to put the needs of Creation before your own; all that remains is for you to make that choice, and to commit yourselves as servants of Good, of Light, and of Righteousness, in the city of Targossas.

Theirs, eternally,

Dawnlord Silas Maynard de l'Evanoir
The Voice of Light

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Glacian, in the year 640 AF.