The Curia Spiritus

Date: 11/20/2013 at 06:18
From: Bluef Shayan'Kor, the Somnolent Wytch
To : The Spirit Walkers
Subj: The Curia Spiritus

This posting is intended for the leader of the organization
its address bears. It is shared in this fashion not because
I invite comment from those outside, but because I do not
wish my words or the sentiments behind them to be twisted.

Seneschal Xadzia Trismegistus, current Prophet of the

Within days of your second reign's commencement, news
reached me that you were once more attempting to discredit
and defame me. In your own words, I am "someone who took
House resources, and continues to condemn, lie, slander
and threaten..."

It is my estimation you're attempting to draw me into
some kind of conflict with these words for the benefit
of further fostering dispute between our tribes. Please
recognize that I will be not goaded into disrupting the
Curia's focus to engage you or yours in some battle to
assuage the injury you've done to my name.

On the day of your ascension, I made it abundantly clear
that I would not take you mentioning my name in any
utterance very well, let alone a lie. But here I publicly
forgive you for the inability to maintain such self-control.

The Curia Spiritus has offered every Spirit Walker Prophet
peace since the line was broken into two tribes. After each
rite of ascension our Council carefully prepares such an
appeal. But in all of the prior six instances the offer was
declined and what we considered outrageous demands were

Only once in all this time did one of your patrons consult
with us to broker a deal for such peace, and it involved
the immediate disbanding of our tribe. Clearly, we were
not interested in such terms.

The most recent attempt to extend the hand of tranquility
toward you was a special offer made by a Curia Oracle of
his own volition to the former prophet. I believe it was
done in the spirit of the tradition of tribal pardons
at the end of a prophet's reign. I was not involved in
planning or carrying forth this generous proposal.

Moreover, I did not seek out the Spirit Walker who came
to me to speak of the growing belief among your House's
membership that this matter should be put to rest once
and for all. Statements to the contrary are attempts to
malign the honest offer made by a Curia member, who
continues to care for your tribesmen from afar.

You rejected his offer and asked that in no other way
we attempt to assuage the pain of the past shared
between us. We will not do so -- until the reign of
the next prophet.

It is our tradition to maintain hope in the Day of
Reckoning prophesised long ago. You cannot halt us
in this belief or practice, no matter how much you
castigate and condemn us for it. Whether it is
rejected or not, now or in the future, let this post
bear witness that we do not hold any hostility
against your House or its membership.

Our tribes have existed in different regions of the
continent since the Exodus, but more importantly our
focus no longer coincides with yours. Claims that we
tamper with things in ways that are far from safe are
prevarications shared by someone who either does not
understand the new path we walk and the magicks we
practice along it or who is fearful that others may
be drawn to walk with us.

We have never claimed that the spirits we commune with
are any greater or more just than those you serve. But
the spirits we work with are as different from the wlo
as the philosophies that guide our respective

You have stated many times, apparently to many people,
that if I deal with "my" past issues, you will unenemy
everyone and once and for all stop using our existence
as an excuse for your failings as a leader. This I would
do gladly with these conditions.

When we are conducting rituals, do not beseech the wlo
to intervene, possess the bodies of those denizens most
convenient, and shout obscenities at us. When we grow in
number, let it not be due to your spies and those of your
city's in our midst. When we celebrate our sesquicentennial
in nine years time, do not partake in the festivities
unless you can do so and accept that WE ARE.

I will not lie about what transpired in the past or bend
to your version of it, but if you will leave the Curia
alone and stop injuring its membership and setting roadblocks
in their paths and mine, then I will gladly pay reparations
for whatever crime you think was committed.

I once stood as a strong voice against the changes a
prophet wanted to instill in your House, including the
selfish spending of the House's credit stores. She had no
choice but to silence me, but to do so she had to cast me

But my voice was not alone, and soon the entire tribe
erupted, clamoring against her machinations. She had to
quiet those who recognized the hand of Suffering in her
ascension and subsequent theft, and soon a mass exodus
took place - some were forced to leave like me and others
departed because their spirits were too disturbed by what
was transpiring in the House.

We joined together and the Curia Spiritus was formed.

Those who remained in the House had to re-write history
in favour of the terrible acts they committed. Who could
blame them for feeling the need to do so? Yet this has
led to a century and a half of your House simultaneously
ignoring and bemoaning our existence.

You can argue against these historic realties, but your
own news systems bear them out. If you wish to turn a
blind eye to them, that is your choice, but do not ask
us to co-mingle with you in such ignorance. I will buy
peace from you because my I am not so proud as to turn
my back on what will help my people most, but I will
not pay for peace in lies.

Now that I have made a full confession of the facts as
you requested, let me be explicit in something else you
wanted: My admission that your House has been harmed
just as the Curia was. The sins of your forefathers were
a burden we felt your modern House should carry at one
time and our tribe made certain to destroy all aligned
with you, including a certain patron's shrines.

It has been fifty years since we raised an imperious
finger towards you though because we recognize that to
engage in such actions would be a great dishonour to
both the Balance we serve and in regard to the Code
we hold firm. We cannot let our strength overrun our
common decency and attack those without the ability
to defend themselves or return attacks with equal

That said, if our members trouble Hashan or specific
people in your tribe, it is not an act of war anymore
than my attacking the Vertani is a statement on the whole
Curia's stance toward that settlement. Your concerns
about this are nothing more than a weak attempt to malign
us, further the enemy statuses of all involved, and mesh
city issues with tribal ones.

In a similar way, if any of the Curia have contact with
your membership, it is because they retain respectful
relations or familial ties to your tribesmen. Decrying
such instances as malevolent harassment is a leap.
Excoriating those Walkers who smile softly in our
direction must be difficult for your membership --
To them I extend a heartfelt apology as well.

Not every tribe exists as the Curia does with the
freedom to exist as one desires while maintaining a
connection to the whole. As a result, none of our
members will take up your offer to leave the Curia a
nd be unenemied. None will challenge my role as Seeress
until the appointed hour when I step down of my own
volition. Not one of us wishes to return to your fold.

What we wish is for you to leave us in peace to walk the
worlds between. Let it be so.

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Phaestian, in the year 640 AF.