Crucible of the Slaves: A Trial

Date: 09/17/2013 at 04:17
From: Archbishop Nizaris Xanatov, of the Black Cathedral
To : Everyone
Subj: Crucible of the Slaves: A Trial

Slaves of Mhaldor, and heathen youth searching for purpose:

The tradition of slavery in Mhaldor is one steeped in both practical and theological importance. Whereas other cities coddle their children and expect them to grow in strength, Mhaldor would much rather throw them into a crucible of hellfire. From trial, we believe that they are made to grow stronger, recreated in the image of the Almighty, and finally worthy of Mhaldorian citizenship.

If you believe that you are capable of pulling yourself out of the forge of slavery by the straps of your boots, then listen to me, and listen well: the fires are well-stoked, and crave their fill of mortal souls.

MHALDOR ANNOUNCES A COMPETITION, whereby three slaves will earn their freedom in the period of three short years. The competition shall be known as the Crucible of the Slaves, and the prizes shall be as follows:

1st Place: City Favour to Troni*, and 50 city credits.
2nd Place: City Favour to Troni*, and 25 city credits.
3rd Place: City Favour to Troni*, and 10 city credits.
4th-10th Place: 5 city credits.

* Those who, within their three years are already promoted to Troni will receive a single city favour, in addition to their earned credits.

Points may be earned in one of two ways: independant completion of tasks to benefit the Holy City, and victory in events.


Advancement to HR5**: 50 points
Five Million Essence: 50 points
Advancement to HR3: 30 points
Three Million Essence: 30 points
Conversion of a heathen: 20 points
Sermon or ritual: 10 points
Scholarly essay: 10 points
One Million Essence: 10 points
Conversion to Mhaldor: 5 points
Poster Designs: 5 points
Attendance at an event: 3 points
Earning an HONOURS DEEDS: 3 points
Participation in a raid: 2 points
Victory in a spar: 1 point
Misc. service/errands: 1 point

** Maldaathi will be awarded 50 points at HR4, by unanimous vote of the Mhaldorian Novice Heads.

Completion of independant tasks is to be noted in the Mhaldor city logs by any Troni (CR2) or above.


Points will be assigned for placing in events as follows, if applicable:

1st Place: 30 points
2nd Place: 20 points
3rd Place: 10 points

Planned Events

Vivisection Quiz on Mhaldorian Theology and History
Essence Offering
Fox and the Hounds
Ratting competition
Mhaldor Scavenger Hunt
Falcon Run
Leviathan Dodging
Sermon/Ritual competition
Painting/Sculpting Design competition

The Crucible of the Slaves is scheduled to begin 1 Sarapin 636, and will run until 25 Mayan 639. Slaves aged older than 25 by the competition's start are excluded from the competition.

PROJECT 507 will be used to keep track of progress, while PROJECT 509 will hold full rules.

In Suffering,
-7- Nizaris Xanatov
Archbishop of the Black Cathedral

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Lupar, in the year 635 AF.