A Benediction from the Crown

Date: 08/27/2013 at 16:38
From: Seneschal Vayne de Valois, Shadow in the Falling Stars
To : The Grand Merchant Collective
Subj: A Benediction from the Crown

Fellows of the Grand Merchant Collective,

The Crown beholds your departure with conflicted emotions. It is painful to see such a historic and influential organisation leave its fatherland, yet with a glad heart, that same father is proud to see its child embark on its own journey, undertaken in the fullness of maturity and independent strength.

However, there can be no denying that since two centuries ago when the Magi Guild became the Merchants of the Crown with the dream of creating a global merchant collective, times have changed. Despite its unparalleled liberties, certain restrictions and policies have been imposed within the Crown over the years, some of which have inhibited the mission of the Merchants.

Thus, I have no doubt that this transition to Delos will be of immense benefit to you all. Untethered from stringent laws and agendas of the city-states and free to deal as you see fit; the Grand Merchant Collective will most certainly see their goals come to fruition.

I speak on behalf of the Crown when I say we wish you the best. May your dealings ever be prosperous, and your coin purses remain heavy laden. Sapience shall benefit from your new endeavours, and it is our sincere hope that the Crown will continue to have a prosperous relationship with the Grand Merchant Collective.

In Service to the Crown,
Vayne de Valois

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Mayan, in the year 633 AF.