Re: Innocence

Date: 07/31/2013 at 20:12
From: Ambassador Hiroma Moliuvia, Iron Chancellor
To : Aarashi Rasul Bahtell Muk'tar, Deacon of Celestia
Subj: Re: Innocence

Hrm... Given the amount of compliments I've received from others, in addition to their agreement, it seems to me that a vast majority of Achaeans must have holes in their logic, Bahtell. Does that makes us holier than thou? Not sure I would want to be... Perhaps I should patch this bucket that is my mind. Perhaps I'll enlist the aid of one of the best smiths in the realms, the ever-sarcastic Peak who calls Ashtan his home.

As for my castle of sand or whatnot, I find that to be amusing, as your entire civilation has placed their logic upon pillars of sand for how many millenia? Hypocrisy abounds from your theocratic Morningfork kingdom, and the vast majority of people in every city silently laugh at you. Until you lot open your mouths, and then it erupts into raucous and boisterous laughter, echoing from the streets of every city across Sapience, aside from your Breakfast Peninsula.

Furthermore, you accused me of having holy... holey...? We'll use the term faulty, as it is more accurate for your accusation and I wouldn't want to be confused with you lot... You accused me of having faulty logic, the same which I did to you, except I provided a multitude of examples, and yet you provided none. And to take this a step further, you claim my logic to be faulty and inaccurate, and yet I have been enemied to your Morningfork, presumably because I hurt your feelings or some such. Perhaps it was because I reminded you of the shameful origins of your city?

I am always happy to mock Shallagossalamamas, so please, continue giving me amunition.

Forever in service to the Bastion,
Mightiest City-State on the face of Sapience,
Ambassador Hiroma Moliuvia, Iron Chancellor

Penned by my hand on the 4th of Glacian, in the year 631 AF.