Re: Innocence

Date: 07/31/2013 at 17:02
From: Ambassador Hiroma Moliuvia, Iron Chancellor
To : Aarashi Rasul Bahtell Muk'tar, Deacon of Celestia
Subj: Re: Innocence

Ah, I see. So, you and Sothantos are saying that the definition of "innocence" is as transient and subject to the whims of your flighty Divines as the location of your now soggy ancestral home? I suppose it is true, then, that you all rely on faith. Considering, after all, belief is often based on some sort of hypothesis or evidence, while faith is far too often blind and foolish.

Also, I love that the person espousing the virtues of the Divines of Good, Light, Righteousness, and their whimsical and clearly meaningless definition of "innocence" is a snake-in-the-grass traitor who once called the city of Ashtan home. And, according to this new and clearly superior-to-the-last document you all have presented, since he was living with Ashtani and thus supporting Chaos, he should have been an enemy to you all. Especially given the long-standing and eternal relations between our two City-States. Instead, he conspired with one of your leaders and willingly submitted himself to the fleshy swords of Shallam. Quite righteous!

Furthermore, you claim to be oh so different from Shallam, and yet all I see is that you guys got your paperwork wet and became morose, so your fancy schmancy Morningfork Divines were nice enough to give you a pretty new pamphlet to parade around so you feel important. And here is my explanation: Shallam spent all their time attacking Ashtan. When they weren't attacking Ashtan, they attacked Mhaldor. And in their downtime, they ex-communicated people who decided to have tea with Ashtani, or who were related to or affiliated with Ashtani. Since your Morningfork struck the Breakfast Peninsula and you all named yourselves Targossallamamas or whatever you call yourselves now, the only change in behavior I have seen is that you are now bullying poor Hashan, who has often kept their nose out of people's business as much as Cyrene and merely provided a fantastic Market. A shining beacon of Goodness, bullying!

I just thought I should point out those holes in your logic, and thought I'd take a bit of time to mock a far-too-easily mocked group of individuals. Hail the Fleshy Sword of Righteousness! Hail the Morningfork!

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Glacian, in the year 631 AF.