Date: 07/29/2013 at 21:57
From: Judicator Sothantos de l'Evanoir, Lord of the Crossing
To : Ovate Werin
Subj: Innocence

With the dissolution of the Church and subsequently the fall of Shallam, so too did the Holy Codex crumble away into the past. Though Good is absolute and eternal, the times are not; the world changes with the ages, and demands change from us.

The innocent have ever been those who have allied themselves with Creation. In the time of the Church, those who chose to keep to themselves, living peacefully but abstaining from the greater conflicts of the world, still remained productive members of Creation, contributing through their simple, harmonious existence. In today's world, such a luxury can no longer be afforded.

The threats to Creation are greater than ever. Her enemies are more numerous, and of greater force. With the stakes risen, it is no longer possible for any man or woman with a conscience to abstain from rising to defend her in her time of need. To refuse to do so is to renounce your alliance with Creation, and with Light and Fire. Through abstention from this great battle, this battle for the soul of our world itself, they have chosen to give up their innocence.

Targossas has no patience for the selfish and short-sighted who desire only to reap the benefits of Creation without returning their dues. The people of Sapience will rise in defence of their world, or they shall lose the protection previously granted to them by the servants of Good. We shall allow such beings to continue their small-minded existences as they choose, but so long as they refuse to ally themselves with the Light and the Fire, they shall not find themselves defended by our blades.

In His service,
Caefir Sothantos de l'Evanoir

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Phaestian, in the year 631 AF.