An Open Letter to the Devotionists of Sapience

Date: 07/27/2013 at 21:39
From: Aarashi Rasul Bahtell Muk'tar, Deacon of Celestia
To : Everyone
Subj: An Open Letter to the Devotionists of Sapience

Devotionists of Sapience,

A new day has dawned for Good and by all rights that extends to the users of Devotion as well, no matter where they lay their heads. All users of Devotion are granted a venerable set of skills given to us by Good for the benefit of Creation.

Devotionists have long been held to a standard of understanding innocence and maintaining a practice of responsible hunting practices. This practice shall continue at the will of the Bloodsworn Divine, Lady Aurora, the Lightbringer and Lord Deucalion, the Righteous Fire. Their missive on this has been attached to the bottom of this post.

In order to aid in the understanding of these new guidelines, I will be hosting a series of discussions at various times in the coming years. The first shall be held in a tranquil mountain chapel in Cyrene on the 6th of Glacian 631, which falls two days before the serenade four months hence from this posting.

I am also available to you all should you have any questions regarding Good or Devotion.

As a final note, I will be placing this edict from the Bloodsworn upon Champion's Bridge near the gates of Targossas for your review.

Devoted to Good,

Deacon of Celestia Bahtell Muk'tar,



The concept of innocence derives from the perfect state of Creation at its genesis. Unsullied, unhindered, Creation was free to grow along its natural course. It is this state of perfect potential that we aspire all beings reach, protected from the insidious influences of Evil, Darkness, and Chaos. Therefore, innocence can be defined as the choice of a sentient being to live harmoniously, flourishing and thriving in Creation, and working to uphold its natural advancement under the tenets of Good, Light, and Righteousness.

As a means of determining what action servants of Good should take in carrying out their duty to Creation, we can categorise all sentient beings into three classifications.

Protected innocents, classified as those who embrace the teachings of Good, such as the villagers of Jaru, New Hope and Zaphar Isle, are those beings who we as servants of Good will actively and zealously protect against their enemies.

Neutral beings are classified as those who have turned their back or ignored the teachings of Good, Light, and Righteousness. Whilst they do not actively harm Creation by refusing to embrace the teachings, they indirectly hinder the natural advancement of Creation by willingly choosing to place themselves in a status of ignorance. With this in mind, they shall be afforded no protection from forces within the realm.

The final classification covers enemies of Creation, defined as those who commit or condone acts against Creation, such as the dwarves of Blackrock and the villagers of Thera and Petra. This classification also covers those who are themselves considered abominations against Creation, including the undead, creatures of the Underrealm such as ogres and goblins, and beings of Chaos: those unfortunate beings that are by their very existence opposed to the intended order of Creation and/or are, through their nature, unable to choose to live harmoniously. The enemies of Creation are those who we as servants of Good will actively and violently oppose, above all others.

In determining enemies of Creation, acts against Creation are defined as any act that infringes upon the natural freedom and rights of another to grow to their full potential and flourish freely. These acts include but are not limited to: murder, theft, torture, slavery, possession of karma, practice of Occultism, and practice of Necromancy.

Condonement of these acts is defined as staying in a settlement that chooses to ally with a committed enemy of Creation, one that adopts the Patronage of a Divine opposed to Good, or one that itself sets itself against the natural order of Creation. Ignorance shall also be no excuse. Refusal to accept the teachings of Good, Light, and Righteousness shall be seen as deliberate ignorance.

Where applicable, possession of karma differs from the above statement in that it is the individual choice of those who hoard karmic objects, and only the individual shall be condemned. Those who raise arms with the express purpose of defending that individual against any attempts to retrieve those tainted items shall be struck down out of necessity. This is subject, however, to the ruling of the Bloodsworn.



The following are the three classifications of sentient beings to be adhered to by all servants of Good, Light and Righteousness.

1) Protected Innocents

Those who embrace the teachings of Good, such as the villagers of Jaru, New Hope, and Zaphar Isle.

2) Neutral beings.

Those who do not follow the teachings of Good, Light, and Righteousness, choosing instead to embrace the ignorance of neutrality. This is the largest category, with many settlements falling into its confines.

3) Enemies of Creation

Those who commit or condone acts against Creation, such as the dwarves of Blackrock and the villagers of Thera and Petra; and those beings who do not have the capacity to do Good, such as the undead, ogres, goblins, and beings of Chaos.

Standing orders -

Servants of Good shall actively and zealously protect those of protected innocent standing, and wield their blades forcefully against the enemies of Creation. Whilst neutral beings may not outwardly appear to hurt or hinder Creation, their continued ignorance, and failure to accept and adhere to the teachings of Good make them guilty of not working towards upholding the natural advancement of Creation. These beings shall have no protected status, nor shall they be afforded any safety from our blades. Note that there shall be no onus to hunt down neutral beings, however. But nor shall there be the zealous guardianships of previous years.


Penned by my hand on the 10th of Valnuary, in the year 631 AF.