Mhaldor's Defeat

Date: 07/23/2013 at 17:04
From: Dreadlord Carmain Nithilar, Sartai Reaper
To : Dawnlord Silas Maynard, Grace of the Lightbringer
Subj: Mhaldor's Defeat


Perhaps I should congratulate you, though I admit I am surprised you wish to pull out of this war so early. One would have hoped you would wipe us off the map. Is this mercy? We shall see.

Targossas declared war on Mhaldor at a very opportune moment in time. Our ranks are enveloped in chaos and our fledgling warriors failed to learn to defend themselves.

But have we not been here before? This war that has raged for centuries, and perhaps will rage for many more. We have fallen, and we will rise. We may yet again fall. By failing to finish what you have started, you have perpetuated this seemingly endless cycle once more.

I underestimated the resolve and numbers that you would gain in your youth as a city. You rivalled us and overcame us. I am impressed Dawnlord, but do not expect your reign to continue on such an easy path, nor for it to last forever.

During this war, I came to the realisation that I am no longer the warrior that I was, nor will I become that man again. This age is slowly coming to an end, and in the ashes of Mhaldor, a new Mhaldor will rise.

What remains of my spies inform me that you now wish to focus your efforts on a new enemy, with which I wish you luck.

But I warn you to watch your back. Your mercy will become Vengeance, and when Mhaldor rises, do not expect them to grant you the same generosity.

Well fought, Targossas. We shall meet again soon.

Dreadlord Carmain.

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Aeguary, in the year 631 AF.