The Ebon Fist and You

Date: 07/18/2013 at 16:23
From: Archfiend Zii Amseli
To : Everyone
Subj: The Ebon Fist and You

Greetings, Sapience

The Monastery of the Ebon Fist has empty beds for weary souls.

Like all Monasteries, the Ebon Fist pursues perfection of the Triad: Mind, Body, and Soul.
However, we believe that one can only achieve this through pain and discipline: the application
of the Truths in every thing you do.

Room and board is paid with hard work and sacrifice, cultivating the world so the strong may flourish,
and eliminating the weak so our limited resources are not wasted. We believe that everyone has a
purpose, whether you are a scholar, artist, warrior, or fuel for the furnace: all will be put to use.

While living in the Monastery and Mhaldor, your research isn't limited to what restrictions are in place.
Test on living subjects, no one will scream and cover their childrens' eyes. Snap bone through flesh
on a slave, the slave will await another devestating blow. Slice flesh from the bones of those who
defy Him, and you will be praised as a Crusader of the Black Hand.

There are those who do not qualify for initiation into the Monastery, yet still yearn for power and
glory. If you are capable of performing henious deeds for the glory of Strength and order, Mhaldor
calls you. If the stagnation and the disarray of the world sickens you to your very core, Mhaldor
offers the solution. If you seek redemption from your past and seek, only, a greater future for
yourself and those you love, travel west to Mhaldor, wear the shackles of Oppression, and
give yourself to the Malevolent One.

Generic questions regarding Evil and the various organizations can be directed to any ranking
Mhaldorian via letter or a private tell. More specific questions can be directed to me, Zii Amseli.
I will alway find time for the intrigued mind, but I have little patience for stupid people.

In service to Him and His,

Zii Amseli,
Archfiend of the Ebon Fist
Messiah Emeritus

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Chronos, in the year 630 AF.