A statement and a reminder

Date: 07/16/2013 at 03:31
From: Dunn Lichlord, Herald of the Outer Cold
To : The City of Targossas
Subj: A statement and a reminder

This posturing in far away lands for the purpose of denying Mhaldor a method by which to attack you is tiring to witness, Targossas. In doing so, you have denied all of us a precious commodity. As recently demonstrated, this monopolizing of Jeramun will not go unpunished.

Any attempt to blockade the production of sparks in the Vents of Hthrak will be met with increasing aggression. You would do well to remember that the Bastion has proven, time and again, that we do not need the Flame of the World to harm you.

We grow weary of the idle distractions you seem intent on placing between us. It was Chaos which brought you ruin for the centuries leading to the fall of your former home, and it is Chaos which will bring you ruin in any centuries which remain. To further ignore the Void in pursuit of the States who laud Darkness and Evil is cowardice.

It seems so recent that I strolled the desolate Zanzibaar street from Shallam road unhindered by any guard or citizen. What a joyous stroll. Not a paradise bird to be seen anywhere!

This memory almost touches my heart more than the vivid image of each and every one of your precious icons crashing to the ground amidst plumes of dust.

Do not forget who you were, Shallam, for I shall never forget.

Overseer Dunn Lichlord

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Lupar, in the year 630 AF.