Your philosophies

Date: 06/19/2013 at 03:22
From: Admiral Mosr Gothfraidh-Sar'vet
To : Anachaine Sentinel Erikka Darkthorne-Windsong, Oaken Hand
Subj: Your philosophies

I've experience nearly every facet that this world has to offer to mortals and I am growing irritated with your incompetance. I am mortal though and thus fallible. After the angry responses to my post I had a single seed of doubt. I consulted with my peers and that seed was cleansed.

I will state it again, and state it in the least biased way that I can manage. Good does not need Evil to exist. The Light does not need Darkness to illuminate the world. Chaos is not a requirement for Order to lay roots and branch into Creation.

I cannot state it more clearly and if you cannot grasp these concepts, it is time to release your grasp on the quill as well and begin speaking with people of more than a single ideology. You can then build your thoughts from what information you can glean from those people.

Reading dusty tomes can only give you the information in the way that you interpret it. If you interpret it incorrectly, there is nobody standing next to you to correct your misconceptions.

-Mosr Gothfraidh-Sar'vet.

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Ero, in the year 628 AF.