Good luck!

Date: 06/19/2013 at 00:57
From: Anachaine Sentinel Erikka Darkthorne-Windsong, Oaken Hand
To : Admiral Mosr Gothfraidh-Sar'vet
Subj: Good luck!

You made me laugh, mister Gothfraidh-Sar'vet.
Attacking and offending are the resources of the ignorants who doesn't have arguments to defend their positions.
If I have air in my head, you have nothing, an entire void on yours to not understand that the Darkness will always exist, as Light will as well, to complete the Balance, sometimes one side will triumph for some time, but the other will always exist. What you just did were a bit of Darkness consuming your very self, attacking me with empty words, calling me stupid... that is a typical darkness or evil-aligned reaction. What you said just served to strengthen my argument because you are so ignorant that can't see you are in a impossible mission.

You can try to erradicate Darkness, perhaps you can win but will never erradicate it fully, as the Evil have triumphed over the Good for a short time.

I truly respect your position and respect that you want battle for the Light, I find it honourable and it is good... people needs a reason to live and needs to believe in something, but you are really very stupid to not understand that people have free will, thus there will be always people opposing Light, you will fight against them, they will fight against you and it will never end and you are a fool in thinking that will reach such Utopia. You call me heretic? I'm proudly am heretic, then. Bite me.

And there is no rules that stops me arguing with a God, I'm not asked for your opinion. Go kill some Hashani, you can be good with your skills but as a thinking being you are a disaster.

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Ero, in the year 628 AF.